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Bodum Outdoor Pavina Double Wall 6 Pcs Glasses 0.25l $15.25 for First Online Order + $13 Delivery ($0 with $60 Spend) @ Bodum


Designed especially for outdoor use, the PAVINA OUTDOOR double wall tumbler set is a stylish addition to your barbeque and picnic equipment. Crystal clear to the eye and lightweight to the touch, they offer the beauty and clarity of glass, without its fragility.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Set of double wall tumblers, perfect for outdoor use.
  • Innovative double-wall construction made as a single piece to prevent leakage.
  • Keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for longer.
  • Made from an extremely durable material that won’t crack, shatter, break, and maintains its clarity through regular use.
  • BPA-free material that’s safe for all the family, including kids.
  • Dishwasher safe.

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  • +8

    Material: Plastic

    No thanks…

    • +1

      Funny how they are too ashamed to mention the material anywhere. Is it polycarbonate? Acrylic?

      Must be rubbish if they will not say. I'll stick to glass thanks, quite tough enough.

      • +4

        Dunno why you got negged - they say "material" THREE times in the description without once saying what that material is! (Only hidden down in the specs does it say plastic, but no other info.)

        That's just terrible copy, if you ask me. If you really want to hide the fact it is plastic, just don't refer to the material at all! Saying "material" is just infuriating to anyone who wants to know what material it is!

        To clarify, I have no problem with them making plastic glasses (as a safer outdoor alternative to glass) - it's the ridiculous obfuscation of the "material" I have a problem with!

    • +3

      these are designed to be transported and more outdoor use, so design is focused on doesn’t break in transit or broken glass is picnic areas …..sure at home definitely glass is better as you have a broom to clean up glass of it breaks, and you aren’t transporting in a picnic basket or box just getting our of dishwasher or cupboard.

      it’s like melamine plates for outdoor and picnic use …… plastic has its place if you are worried about breakages.

      double walled glass versions are actually very thin walls to keep weight down which also makes them fragile …..not thick thick like a normal glass.

      • it’s like melamine plates for outdoor and picnic use

        Actually, I prefer tempered glass plates for picnic and camping. E.g. Arcoroc or Ikea Oftast.
        They are very hard to break, easy to clean and do not scratch like plastic. Not double-wall though.

  • +4

    Bought the 600ml x 6 for $25.95. Finally the kids can use them safely.

    • +2

      250 ml seems small , wouldn’t hold a can of soft drink and some ice cubes or a can of beer ….600 ml much better size ….

      • Depends on what you're having - 250ml is pretty common for people having coffee. Otherwise it does seem small

  • +1

    Plastic + hot beverage = chemicals infused into the beverage. Pass.

    Nice idea to spin the cheaper plastic material as an 'outdoor design'.

  • +1

    I know plastic seems rough at first consideration, but I actually love these and glad I didn’t get glass. Even inside, I don’t use any other glass/mug now.

    The plastic feels premium, you don’t feel scared about it knocking over, looks wicked, and being able to grasp a hot drink is so pleasant.

  • Double wall glasses and plastic ones turn to shit the moment they get one scratch, which happens very easily.

  • These are great for anyone with kids and a pool

    We abuse ours and they still look new

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