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[PC, Steam] Euro Truck Simulator 2 $7.23/ETS 2: Road to The Black Sea DLC $7.78/ETS 2: Going East DLC $4.35 + More @ Steam


The usual steam sale on ETS 2 and various DLCs

American Truck Simulator is also on Sale. https://store.steampowered.com/app/270880/American_Truck_Sim...

I was keen on this entire Ets 2 DLC map booster bundle for $36

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    I have 120 hours in this game. I've enjoyed it for what it is, but I do feel like it's missing the part of truck driving that is most difficult (and to me, most interesting) which is parking and navigating extremely tight spaces.

    Because of this, I would suggest anyone that is interested in playing this game, or has already has played this game and become somewhat bored to try out one of the other games made by the developer. Scania Truck Driving Simulator.


    $2.90 AUD. For maybe 3-4 hours of fun (I've replayed the missions for quicker times and less damage 17 hrs).

    There is a somewhat open world in this game as well, but the "dangerous drives" and challenges sections are where the real fun is.

    As an example: https://youtu.be/YeXHm80Ng28?t=46

    There isn't a heap, so perhaps don't spoil yourself checking out all the scenarios if it sounds interesting.

    The driver challenges are also fun if you are into this kind of thing.


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      I do agree that the base game with no mods doesn't have the most difficult spaces, but with mods you can definitely fix that.
      With the ProMods maps and Doubles anywhere, I have had some pretty tight squeezes to try and park the trailers.
      It is also a bit more fun if you can find yourself a convoy of mates to drive with, that is when I personally play it the most.

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      Thanks, one more Simulator added to my list.

      I enjoy the below racing + sim games with Logitech G27

      1.ETS2 100 + hours
      2. Mudrunner
      3. Snowrunner (got it last month, love it)
      4. Assetto Corsa (yet to start full play)
      5. Forza 3 (Just casual drive around)
      6. WRC 8
      7. NFS Most wanted remastered.
      8. ATS (Just purchased)

      • Just checked its 600+ hrs on ets2!!!

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    +1, sunk quite a few hours into the game. It's still regularly updated, very relaxing especially when you put on some music whilst playing. Perfectly playable on mouse/keyboard or controller. If you haven't already tried the game out, do yourself a favour and do so.

    • I listen to ABC News or ABC Sydney sometimes.

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