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[eBay Plus] Xbox Series S $404.10, Xbox Wireless Controller $71.10 Delivered @ Big W eBay


Xbox Series S comes down to $404.10 with code PLRANGE1. Good deal and not far off recent $398 deal from Harvey Norman.

Xbox Wireless controller comes down to $71.10 with code PLRANGE1 - Carbon Black and Pulse Red available

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  • Good price, but not the cheapest it's been lately.

    For anybody that is thinking about buying one, this is really only good for the Xbox Game Pass so make sure you review the list of all console games here and see if there's games there that interest you. If not, it is best to give this a skip. It's an amazing console to showcase the Xbox Game Pass on but not much else. I have one myself and having a blast with the new TMNT game

    • -1

      Don't forget the measly 364 GB of storage and the exorbitant cost to upgrade

      • It's pretty bad but most of the AAA games on the Xbox Game Pass are around 50-80GB so you can keep a few on before it gets full. I'm lucky that I'm on FTTP 1000/250 so for me, switching out games isn't too much of a hassle

        • 1000/250? Is that a business connection? How much is that?

      • +2

        Don’t forget you can throw all the Xbox. Xbox 360, etc games on external storage like a HDD.

        • +2

          You can also store the series x/s games on an external USB drive and move them to the internal storage when you’re ready to play. It’s more of a hassle than playing them directly but better than having to delete and redownload games constantly.

          • @Detrimental: It only takes about 2-5 minutes to move over for 50-100gb games so it's not too bad

    • +1

      This makes no sense. It's a great console to play all games that release on Xbox on, not just game pass games.

      • +1

        You're stuck with digital. And for 3rd party digital games, you're often paying a premium over disk versions of the games.

        Thus I don't find any value in playing games that aren't on Game Pass unless you get them on discount.

        • Something like 80% of all console game sales are digital now, so that's not a problem. I personally have never used the disk drives on my Series X, One X, or One.

          • @MrFunSocks:

            Something like 80% of all console game sales are digital now, so that's not a problem.

            Sure, it's not a problem at all as long as you never want to play a second-hand game. At least you can share your games with a friend through Gameshare, as long as you have their "Microsoft account email address, password, and any other identifying information they use to log into their console."

            Sounds much more convenient than handing someone a disk.

            • @OZKap: ~80% of people have no problem with not playing second hand games, because they prefer digital.

  • -1

    Not bad price, but as others said no disc drive means you're relying on Game pass and the MS store. Not a huge upgrade over a one x either (graphicly, its a downgrade re: discdrive). Does make a great little retroarch box tho.

    • +1

      The big advantage isnt the graphical department for the Series S over the Xbox One X but the hard drive technology increasing the load speeds significantly if the games have been optimised for it. The graphics I doubt most people will notice the difference as 1460p and faster refresh rate will still look quite impressive unless you are viewing on 75"+ tv size haha

    • +1

      There’s a colossal difference in CPU performance between the One X and Series S that make the Series S a much better purchase.

      Also the storage performance.

    • Most people buy digitally already. Digital sales are like 80% of all game sales on consoles.

  • -2

    I hate that rough textured sandpaper they coat these controllers in - the Xbox One controllers were much better (and didn't have that silly share button!)

    • Sharing is caring.

      • Didn't need it back in the Dreamcast days! These days everything has to be shared ;p Dang Millennials!

    • Each to their own regarding the texture on the back - however I believe the share button can now be remapped to do nearly anything you want!

      • Good to know thanks!

        I should have kept the Forza controller as that had the nicer grip.

  • +7

    Game Pass is amazing but Microsoft Rewards is even better. Surprised not many more people talk about it. I average about $10 Xbox gift card a month or about $125 a year

    Great loyalty program for those like me who didn’t know of its existence before buying an Xbox

    • Rewards is tedious. You generate more for Microsoft then what it’s worth.

      • +3

        Tedious? You didn't notice the username

      • It takes about 5 minutes a day to basically get you Game Pass Ultimate for free for the entire year, with some spending money left over.

        • -1

          5 mins a day is $650 a year at min wage

          • @Tunblor: Are you getting paid minimum wage while you're pooping? You don't have 5 minutes spare in your entire day?

            • +4

              @MrFunSocks: I do the Bing/MS Rewards stuff too, easily get 10 or so a month as well.

              Definitely WELL less than 5 mins a day. Smash out the 30 Bings in a minute or so, less so if you swap to Bing by default and pop the 90 points automatically with the normal Googling I'd do. 90 a day, time 30, there's 2700 points. Add in the dailies, anywhere from 30 to 50 on a given day, lets just say lowest at 30, that makes another 900, 3600 there. Then you get the streak for doing them every day, 15, 45, something else, until you hit 150 per 10 days in a row, 150x3 is another 450, so 4050 right there…all for just doing my daily Bing stuff I actually enjoy.

              Then add in that you can get 50 points a day if you pop an achievement, if you do it every day that's another 1500, but I don't play every day so I won't count that, but it's there.

              Xbox weekly treasure is a single one click item on the MS Rewards app, 100 points every week, so another 4 of them per month, now you're at 4450 before any achievements. Add in the weeklies on MS Rewards, 100 points per week plus your streak (which after 10 becomes 2500 points per 10 weeks, ie 1250 per 5, so something like 1200 per 4 weeks) which puts you at 5650ish, just for doing the basic clickers every day, before you even get into the extra shit you can do.

              There's usually at least 3 or 4 little 5 point items you can get in the app too, for simply opening an advertised game's store page, so 20 odd points, times 30, another 5 to 600 per month, now you're at 6250.

              If you Bing on your phone too, you got another 60 points per day you can get, another 1800, so now you're at 7050.

              Factor in now you get points for Game Pass quests as well, shit as simple as launching a GP game will get you 5/10 points, then there's ones for playing 3 games per week, 10 points, there's a bunch in there, you'll pretty naturally easily get a few hundred points if you play even every few days on the Xbox. Add in some achievements here and there with the 50 points thing mentioned earlier, and you'll well and truly clear 10 bucks a month pretty often, which costs around ~9000 points. You can buy other vouchers and things, like for Coles or Game Pass / Gold, but idk how much they go for, I just pick the actual store credit.

              Every month lately they also seem to do this thing for 500 points where if you pop a game in one of their 10 selected titles, you get the 500 points, which is roughly 50 cents or so for playing a minute of a game (bc there's always easy ones, I did it last night in Craftopia, loaded in, killed my guy, got a chivo, got the 500 + 50 points right then), there's plenty of other mini "punch cards" too where if you do X amount of clicks or chivos and shit you get another few hundred or so.

              Anyways, point being, snagging a tenner on your Xbox every month should take a LOT less effort than this write up did, and you can swap your thing over to Bing rather than Google to earn points in the background without doing ANYTHING different than usual. That's probably the best way, nice and passive, won't be as much, but you'd EASILY pop $5 a month for doing nothing but your normal internet searching.

              • @TheDukeOfNukem: I've been doing this for a few years now - originally with the aim of putting the points towards a Series X. I found it easy but I really hate the weeks where you have to get 3 achievements on the Xbox App to keep the streak going. I eventually gave up on the idea of using the points for a XSX and bought from EB instead because of no availability on MS store for so long. Also because the MS credit you buy using rewards points expires after 90 days or something so didnt want to risk cashing in the points and not being able to buy the console.

                I'm still building the points, though I am a bit over it and ready to give it up because I'm not even sure what I am aiming for anymore! Maybe I'll just put the points towards another Series X and sell it just to get the money instead. Or keep building for when a new 'slim' version comes out. I dunno. Any ideas?

            • -2

              @MrFunSocks: I poop at work, I'm above minimum wage.

              I understand that accruing points is gamified and enjoyable for some, but not for me. I'd rather just work late once or twice a year to earn the equivalent, rather than commit to arbitrary point scoring, it seems like very boring work to me.

              To each their own!

              • +1

                @Tunblor: So while you're at work pooping, why not get paid to earn Microsoft rewards money too?

                • -3

                  @MrFunSocks: "…it seems like very boring work to me.

                  To each their own!"

                  I find it boring and unrewarding. It would be a task I find draining, unfulfilling and I would struggle to motivate myself to do it. I would rather be doing something that I find enjoyable, or relaxing, or just do nothing and rest.

                  But I understand that not everyone is like this, that's what I meant by "To each their own." I acknowledge that I enjoy things that many other people would find unfulfilling and draining.

                  • +1

                    @Tunblor: Noone "enjoys" it, but it's literally a few minutes of pressing links to get hundreds of dollars for free lol

                    • -2

                      @MrFunSocks: Two people downvoting my subjective opinions…huh, hope they have a good weekend.

                      I understand the few minutes every day are worth it for you (that's awesome!), but my brain and personal circumstances are different, so that they are not worth it to me.

                      I didn't realise how hard this is to understand, and how bad I am at explaining myself!

  • does series s come in disc version?

    • No, that's one of the main selling features of the Series X.

    • Nope. Only way to play disc games is to get a Series X.

  • Cheers, bought a controller for the PC

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