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Urban Plant Growers Indoor Smart Garden $59.99 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


The Indoor Smart Garden is Urban Plant Growers' original indoor grow kit. It utilises a wide array of features that provide the perfect hydroponic growing solution, all wrapped up in a modern design. The result, you can enjoy the flavour of freshly harvested food, grown metres away from your kitchen and free of pesticides. This product comes with everything you need to start growing. Smart soil included in grow pods, 1x Basil seed sachet, 1x Dill seed sachet and a small jar of Hydroponic Growth Nutrients (50g).

You can grow a wide variety of herbs and leafy greens with this smart garden, meaning you can ditch the limp leaves and plastic bags that you would otherwise buy from a supermarket (only to watch wilt in your fridge). We recommend herbs and leafy greens such as lettuce, basil, coriander, parsley, or dill to begin with.

The Indoor Smart Garden is compact and fits in even the smallest of kitchens. Once your plants reach maturity you'll have fresh herbs available in your kitchen, meaning you don't have to go to the supermarket every time you run out of herbs and you won't have to watch herbs die in your fridge. Just harvest fresh herbs when you need them.

Furthermore, your indoor smart garden isn't a heavy guzzler, its super water efficient, only needing to be refilled every three weeks on average. Don't worry about forgetting to water it, your smart garden has a water level indicator that will beep for you when it's thirsty, meaning you won't find any limp plants that haven't been watered.

The indoor smart garden utilises high performance full spectrum 8 Watt LED grow lights with an automatic timer and reading light. It comes with a power adapter for Australian outlets and water level indicator that beeps and flashes when you need to re-water your plants.

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  • Is just a jar of water with a light on a timer?

    • +2

      You forgot about the smart soil

  • 8 watts of POWAHHHR!!!

    So dumb, Just find a window sill (which is where u were gonna put it anyways)

    • +2

      Yeah I bought a bunnings one which looks identical and found the light isn't strong enough to grow anything. Plants always came up leggy.

  • So it automatically waters the plant?
    And it has a UV light for growing?

  • and water level indicator that beeps and flashes

    .. how relaxing.

  • So where is the special?

  • +1

    Looks small… How much can we grow in it?
    I thought everything at Costco was meant to be large!

  • +11

    it will pay for itself just after few lettuce harvests

  • had a different version with 6-8 pods for different herbs, even lettuce was possible (needed a breeze of some sort to firm it up)

    it worked really well since i couldn't grow anything outside (temperature extremes)

    for basil though, just buy a plant and harvest it often, grows really well indoors.

    • I take it that one was bigger - how did it go?

    • was that an aerogarden?

  • +1

    Aldi one is connected to mobile phone for smart things

  • I had something similar or exact same to this. Seedlings grew a little and died. I eventually threw it out

  • Pots often leak and require a lot more water, people tend to over or under water, can be tough working out what they actually need. Not everyone has a sunny window suitable for plants, heck this Winter hasn't been too kind on indoor plants.
    It's a novelty item for sure, but the light on the timer, water every 3 weeks, tends to make these things set and forget. Ideal for the kitchen or young ones bedroom.
    Parking the current Lettuce prices, makes zero sense from a financial perspective, you could purchase 30x the $3 packs of herbs at Woolworths\Coles.
    Looks attractive enough, would make a nice gift.

  • Will this grow all sorts of herbs?

    • Depends on which planet UFO lands on…

  • How long does it take to grow lettuce with this? asking for a friend…

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