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Merrell Men's Moab 2 GTX Leather Mid Hiking Boots Walnut $139.97 Delivered @ Anaconda (Club Membership Required)


I've been after the Moab 2's for a while and almost bit the bullet at the 30% off sale but just noticed some HUGE discounts online for club members.
Also women's: https://www.anacondastores.com/footwear/womens-footwear/wome...
Free delivery over $99.
Stock going quick.
Also, $10 welcome voucher on sign-up
The low-cuts are still in stock (for delivery) [thanks chinwag]
In walnut https://www.anacondastores.com/footwear/mens-footwear/mens-l...
And black https://www.anacondastores.com/footwear/mens-footwear/mens-l...

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    and the price issssss

  • Very cheap…

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    Great boots, note Anaconda doesn't have wide sizes

    • Yes, wide sizes please Anaconda.

  • Fantastic, thanks OP!

    The code WELCOME10 gave me $10 extra off!

  • What width are they?

    • Not very

      • I didn't think so. They look very narrow.

      • I have a wide foot and specifically get Merrell's because ,in general, they are a wider fit. Have been wearing Merrell's exclusively for 20 years. Currently have Merrell Vibram purchased from Anaconda

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      A quick search for the product code (J18421 in this case) gave me Width D

      • thanks

  • Looks like most men's sizes have sold out (except for 11 and 14). Not as good a deal, but sizes 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 11 and 11.5 can be found at Wild Earth for $174.65.

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    I love Merrell, been rocking the same pair of boots for 3 years now with a lot of that time being my daily wear and they really don't show any signs of giving up yet

    Note, only size 11 & 14 left.

  • Holy smokes! Pulled the trigger on these, read heaps of reviews! here's hoping the fit is right!

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    I had these for the longest time until they fell apart. They are great. Lasted for years to the point the souls were smooth.

  • Ahh, these are cheap because the Moab 3 has been released:

    • I saw that and called the Merrell rep. He said very little difference. A few minor improvements to a great boot.

      • They appear basically the same, at the price you cant go wrong with the "2" IMO..

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    I have had my Salomon hiking shoes for over ten years. Been everywhere I've travelled. The sole just broke. Looks like they don't make them with the extra padding inside anymore. I love the ortholite inside. So comfortable when doing lots of walking. Will go check out Anaconda for some new ones

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      My recent solomon have ortholite.

  • Bought these & they're good - I'm normally a size 12 Adidas - in these I had to buy a 14.

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    Damn it I missed out. Size 14 left.

    Had for years and just returned back from Norway hiking in the knee-deep snow and it held up pretty well.

    Highly recommended

    • Thanks that's a great review, doing the Overland Track in January and we may get snow there

      • +1

        You "may" get snow but it's unlikely to be an issue, with the ground temperature at that time of year it would have to be a pretty good dump for it to settle…

        I did it at the start of Nov 2020, had some fairly cold/bad weather and a bit of snow, it wasn't a big deal… The OLT is a bit of a long slog but it's not particularly hard, the hardest part would be the first 5km slog up to Marions lookout with a full pack…

        Nice walk :)

        • Thanks :) Yeah I can't wait, haven't done a multi day in years

  • -1

    Can anyone recommend a waterproof hiking shoe

    • You're joking, right?

    • Do you like stinky feet? Sweaty feet? Yeah, that’s Gortex (or whatever brand waterproof) in shoes. Great 'as' jackets and pants, awful 'in' shoes Okay some people say it works, but many don't. Also, if you do multi-day hikes "waterproof" is only for a certain amount of time. The water will ingress within hours - even when new. I walked the Camino de Santiago. and we had rain the first 4 days. My "waterproof" shoes got wet inside on the first day, so walked in wet boots for 4 days - even while drying indoors every night. Took a day off in Pamplona to dry gear (my 11-year-old was cracking the you know what’s after the first 4 days of 800km were in the rain) and after 2 nights and a full day in a drying room, they were still wet when we hiked on, still wet hiking all that day! Finally got them dry in the afternoon hanging on a clothesline in the warm afternoon Spanish sun.

      • Just bought a new quality pair from Columbia for hiking, it’s strangely ventilates pretty well!! I don’t have stinky sweaty feet normally. From 3 hours hike nonstop I don’t see any issue. Oh yes, I don’t wear thick socks, just the sports version padded on the ankle and toes.

        Probably you were having issues with some cheapo shoes, too bad.

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    Merrell quality has dropped a lot for me in recent years. I had some 'new' Merrell trail runners fail withing a a couple of weeks of use around the home and minor soft 'walking the dog' walks. I had a pair of hike boots structurally fail early on a month long hike. Moab 2 seems be one of the old classic styles not yet 'updated with cheapness'. If you can find your size, they are pretty darn good value at this price.

    • Thanks after reading heaps of reviews, the Moab's continually made top 5 lists.

      So lucky I got a pair at this price

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