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Yaxell Mon Santoku Knife 16.5cm $69.95 (RRP $189.95) + $9.90 Delivery ($0 C&C/ $100 Order) @ Kitchen Warehouse


I'm not sure on the RRP on this but I couldn't find it this cheap elsewhere.

Happy if someone who is better at knives to give their opinion on the value or if someone sees it cheaper elsewhere

Will have delivery costs as under $100 but can click and collect in stores for free.

You might get a $10 off first order pop up. However you need to spend $100 to get $10 off.

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    Okay so I actually have this from the last deal. It's not a bad knife by any means, but I have to warn people it's really not that hard to keep it's edge over an extended period of time as the steel grade suggests. But it's still hard to sharpen, especially because it's a tighter angle Japanese grind. For the price, if you want a fancy looking knife that's good, it's an okay buy.

    But I really eventually suggest people just get a Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife. It's one of the most common suggestion for a reason. It's very durable, holds edge for a really decent amount of time and it's actually decently easy to get an edge when the time comes again.

    Watch America's test kitchen, they really go in depth on this subject.

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      Thanks for the update. That sort of feedback is very helpful.

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      found the video I was referring to:


      Also a warning: I am not a cook or even and enthusiastic cook at home. I was going to get a knife for my gf as a gift so I went down the rabbit hole and I know a thing or two about materials. that's all. But I am saying experienced pro cooks also seem to suggest Victorinox Fibrox is a better buy for the price and quality and longevity.

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        Also a warning: I am not a cook or even and enthusiastic cook at home. I was going to get a knife for my gf as a gift so I went down the rabbit hole and I know a thing or two about materials. that's all. But I am saying experienced pro cooks also seem to suggest Victorinox Fibrox is a better buy for the price and quality and longevity.

        Only potential con with Victorinox Fibrox is the handle doesn't feel as premium (Fibrox line is dishwasher safe, thus the materials)

        I have a Victorinox Rosewood (wooden handle), definitely one of my favourite knives, can easily be compared to $150~$200 knives.

        Victorinox produces outstanding value

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          Just to add to this discourse, I love the fibrox handles. I even picked up a Chinese cleaver with the fibrox handles because I just prefer the high grip plastic now, for virtually any hand grips

        • +1 for the rosewood one, it's my daily / go to knife and the weight is better distributed vs the fibrox.

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    I know its not the only thing to consider but a HRC of 61 degrees is pretty good.

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      Just wrote in my comment above but since a lot of people look at hardness I'll post here again. Hardness doesn't always translate into a good experience, it's a disadvantage even when you need to sharpen the knife. It requires skill and time, especially for a Japanese tight ground.

      Here is a video from people way more qualified than me on this:


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        A high hardness knife will and must (by definition) hold an edge longer than a softer knife for the same use conditions. If you're cutting something on a glass or stone cutting board, you're going to blunt any knife very fast.

        If you're someone that doesn't really want to consider edge care and cuts whatever on whatever surface, I'd honestly suggest getting a fairly soft steel, and you can literally put a 'good enough' edge on it with a honing steel in 5 seconds.

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      Honestly most 'home cooks' do NOT do well with high HRC knives. As they use them badly in all kinds of ways (improper cutting surfaces, hitting cooked bones/frozen foods/other hard materials, putting in dishwasher). Result is chipped blades - which become nearly unusable.

      Lower HRC steel is much more forgiving and malleable - so it might not hold an edge as long but will better suit the average home user a lot of the time.

      All that said yes, 61 is an excellent HRC for a very reasonably priced knife. VG10 is nothing spesh but it's a knife - and so you don't need spaceage materials.

      I think this is a good deal but concur with the earlier poster who stated (as I've said a million times on here) just buy Victorinox Fibrox and save the extra $$$ for your utility bills. :-)

      • VG10 is nothing spesh

        I mean it's an exceptionally good all rounder steel when worked correctly.

        It has a decent hardness, about hrc60 so it'll hold an edge for quite a while so you don't have to sharpen it too often. But it's not super hard like zpd such that it's impossible to sharpen. It also has great corrosion resistance, and isn't super expensive.

        • Perhaps I didn't provide proper context - I simply meant in the context of knife afficianados it's seen as a run of the mill steel, nothing exotic - but I agree with everything you say.

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            @Nikko: Ohh yep. Gotcha! Entirely with you now haha.

  • Pretty sure you can get $10 off your first online order if you signup for their "family table" email marketing. Saw a pop up appear on the website as i was browsing.

    • The site, usually, does have that option.

  • The code HELLO10 doesn't work on this item.

    • Any codes work?

    • You need to spend $100 to get $10 off.

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    Use code MISSYOU10 for $10 off $75 spend

    • What bargains should you buy for $5

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    I'd like to counter balance the first comment by saying that I bought this same knife in a previous deal. We have since bought some other japanese knives as well, but my wife still prefers this santoku version (over a smaller gyuto and slightly larger nakiri), and am pretty happy with the purchase.

    My experience with VG10 steel is that it loses it hair-cuttingly sharp edge relatively quickly but keeps a decent working edge for some time. I bought the yaxell water sharpener as well, it does sharpens it reasonably well. The finish is a little rough as the sharpening wheels are only 400grit. The sharpener still brings it back to a 'paper pushing' edge fairly easily with minimal fuss. If you don't want to go through the trouble of learning to use a proper whetstone, it does a decent job.

    There is some care that needs to be taken using these japanese knives, but there's something satisfying about using a razor sharp knife when chopping up meat and veges. I would recommend it for anyone who is willing to take a little care with their knives

    • Thanks for the comment.

  • Thanks, everyone, for your contributions. They’ve been great.

    What might help is if you have alternatives could you, please, provide a link to them.

  • A Santoku is my go to knife for kitchen utility over my Gyuto. It's a good brand at a good price. Nice find OP

  • Can anyone recommend a knife sharpener for someone that's not keen on using a whetstone?

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      My advice for you and actually anyone in this thread is get a ceramic hone. It's like a butchers steel (which technically doesn't sharpen the knife rather just realigns the edge without removing metal) - is made of a fine grit ceramic. Super easy to use, very easy on your knives and does a terrific job. I have a lot of high end knife sharpening gear and this is my 'best' purchase in this area by far. It's something you use regularly not just when they dull as they're not great at completely redoing/resetting an edge.
      Example: https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/flaksa-ceramic-sharpener-black-...

      As honestly the BEST way to sharpen a knife is to not let it dull in the first place.

      • Thanks. Cheap enough to try out.

      • Thumbs up!

  • [Uncle Rico nods in silent approval…]

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      High praise indeed.

      • And well deserved - this is a great deal.

        I shall be surprised and most disappointed if KEB isn't along shortly with his own nod of endorsement…

  • Looks like deal is over - was trying to purchase one but on 119.95

    • Same here

      • It was a one day deal. Will request it be closed.

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