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[PC] Free Games - HUNT3R (was US$4.99), The Legend of The Three Lights of Glaurung (was US$1) @ itch.io


I came across 2 indie games on itch.io that are discounted 100%, their sales are ending fairly soon, on or before Wednesday July 6th 08:00AM AEST.

  • IMPORTANT: unlike most other itch.io games, these two games are NOT claimable for later download, instead their zip files have temporarily been made free to download ONLY UNTIL their end of sale period.
  • … so if you're interested in grabbing these games whilst they are free, you'd better download them onto your hard drive ASAP

HUNT3R is on sale (100% off) until Wednesday July 6th 03:00AM AEST.

HUNT3R is the story of a thief and a cyborg. After five years of hunting and running across a terraformed Ganymede, Rhonda and Diarmuid must team up to return a stolen jade sphere to its resting place. Secrets long buried will come to light, both on Ganymede and within themselves.

Can Rhonda and Diarmuid learn to like each other and complete their quest?

Can they even learn to love each other?

Check out this new sci-fi otome RPG this 4th of July weekend!

  • Sci-fi robo-otome RPG set on a terraformed Ganymede
  • Play as Rhonda, the notorious thief and puckish rogue
  • Bond with Diarmuid - the cyborg enforcer and defender of justice - through turn-based battles and pleasant conversation
  • Learn more about the mysterious cybernetic pursuer, the monster attacking the colony, the item, and Ganymede itself
  • Meet the inhabitants of humanity's first Jupiter-lunar colony
  • Experience four potential endings based on how you choose to deal with the artifact and on your relationship with Diarmuid.

The Legend of The Three Lights of Glaurung (English version and Spanish version) is on sale (100% off) until Wednesday July 6th 08:00AM AEST

The Legend of The Three Lights of Glaurung is a remake of The Three Lights of Glaurung game, also named Conquestador, published by ERBE SOFTWARE (1986).

This remake maintains most of the original sprites but adding colours and animations.

The game has the following features:

📜 Introduction and End of Game: comparing with the original game, this remake has an introduction about how Knight Redhan enters into the castle and an end when he escapes from the castle.

🔮🏰 Minimap: using an Oracle Crystal Ball you can see the map zooming in/out (moving to right/left).

📈 Difficulty Levels: you can choose 3 difficulty levels (more/less percentage of enemies).

Random Chests/Enemies: chests and enemies appear in different locations. Chests content also are different in every game.

👕🎩🌷 Player Customization: you can customize player selecting cloth, helmet and flower colours.

🕯 Light Effects: player uses a candle to see in the darkness of the castle.

🎧 Stereo Sound: we recommend you use headphones to notice the source of sound effects.

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