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Has anybody got any experience dealing with Sensis with their Auto renewable contacts.It seems they can get away with renewing your contract each year without your say so.Its in the T and C they claim where the user has to contact Sensis to void the contact rolling over each year,no mutual yearly contract to be agreed too.Dont remember agreeing to this when I first signed up.

Any decent feedback would be appreciated.

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    Contact them and cancel…

  • user has to contact Sensis to void the contact rolling over each year

    Journal in OzB 1st.

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      Agree that it seems to be the new standard practice of OzB OP's is to ask on OZB 1st before contacting the company you have an issue and/or agreeing to contracts without reading them.

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        The only contact entered was my first one 12 years ago ,a verbal over the phone with no mention of a auto renewal.

  • That's the Jan clause …

  • Check your original sign up t and cs. If that's what u agreed to, then u might be stuck. Find out what the cancelation clause is in order to cancel. If u can't get your money back from the renewal date, hopefully there is a cancelation clause that allows you to cancel with x days notice.

  • Have contacted Sensis case manager,she states it’s common practise in the media industry for the onus to be on the advertiser to cancel before the auto renewal date. If cancelled after dates you will pay full amount owing.

    There is no middle ground here.

    • Common practice doesn't matter. They need to show you agreed to this condition. Ask for proof you were advised and formally request refund.

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