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500g Aussie Certified Organic Honey Roasted Macadamias $25.90 Delivered (30% off) @ Nom Nuts

The Deal

These Organic Honey Roasted Macadamia Nuts are a bargain with a saving of $22.20 per kilo.

These are delicious premium quality organic Macadamia nuts that are sold directly from the farm they are grown on. They are coated in Australian ACO certified honey supplied by Honest to Goodness.

Nimbin Organic Macadamia Nuts are:
  • Australian Certified Organic
  • Contain 100% Australian ingredients
  • Grown with no sprays, pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers

We offer FREE delivery on all orders with no minimum spend.

About Us

Based in Nimbin, New South Wales our aim is to bring you the cleanest Macadamia nuts that can be grown. Our small-scale farm is half planted with around 1000 Macadamia trees and the other half is natural rain forest.

We do not believe in spraying, instead we try to support the beneficial insects who help keep the rest in control. We feed the soil with natural composts and minerals to balance the losses from each years crops.

Nothing artificial or industrial chemical based is used on the property. Our lifestyle follows the same theme, we eat clean and organic as much as possible. So naturally our farming methods follow suit.

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  • Yum!

    • Enjoy!

  • Thanks OP. Bought some.

    • Thank you! We'll have those out to you shortly.

      • +3

        Thanks. BTW you should allow checkout without creating an account. I almost didn't want to proceed.

        • We'll take that feedback onboard. Cheers.

  • Bought the regular roasted and salted ones.

    • Excellent, let us know how you like them once they arrive. 🙂

      • Got them yesterday. First time having style 1 macadamias, and I'm not disappointed.

        • Great to hear! 🙂

  • Ta, just ordered :)

    • Great, we will have those sent out very soon.

  • hmm usually Honey Roasted Macadamias are sold for $33/kg at other places

    • Hi Michael,

      I'm sure that there are some out there for that price, however they won't be Australian grown certified organic Macadamias.

      • These guys say macadamias are

        Some of the ingredients they use to make it into Honey macadamias are imported but still great value I say

        Would have been happy to buy off you guys if you came down close to this price like $40/kilo due to as you say Everything that goes into the Honey macadamias is Australian grown

        • If you do the math ours are actually cheaper and we don't use any imported ingredients. I can't speak on their kernel quality however ours are very decently sized for style 4.

          For 500g those are $20.99 + $6.48 shipping VS ours at $25.90 delivered.

          • @bargain-nut: True but I order per kg and every time I have ordered so far get either free shipping or a %off on top from them.

            I do agree yours should be more expensive if they are better quality which is why I have ordered some and will compare to see if it is really worth paying extra

            • @michael9865: Really happy that you've given us a go mate. That's great. We're confident that you won't be disappointed. Please do come back to us with your feedback!

  • +1
    • A very popular product of ours, unfortunately it's all gone!

  • Just 3 days left to save 30%. Thank you to all ozBargainers that have ordered with us!

  • holey batman these nuts are good
    just made a second order

    very crunchy
    got the honey macadamia and salted.
    wish they had chilli

    • Thank you for the positive feedback! We are glad you love them 🙂

  • Seldom post comment here. Tried the honey roast and to be honest I dont see much difference, will try the roast one later and see. Although they are not cheap, at least they are local Australian.

  • +1

    Sorry to mention that I am not so happy with the product i received;

    Received the honey roasted 500g pack, however, sadly, and unbeknown to me at the time of purchasing, the date of packaging was December 2021 (not sure the age of the nuts themselves), it is now 5th August, 2022.

    There is no expiry marked on the packaging, but I get the sense that the company is flogging off overstock. Also the packaging looks like what one would get in bulk wholesale situations. So, if you thinking of as a gift, it is not very appealing to the eye.

    As to taste, there is nothing to write home about. Taste more like sugar syrup coated rather than honey.
    I and my family purchase local honey and not blended imported honey, therefore I am not to sure what 'honey' is being used.

    So overall I am disappointed, not to the degree of not making another purchase from Nom Nuts, but to the point whereby I'd only make another purchase if discount was 45%+
    and to sample their other varieties, as the one I received may of just been a "bad batch".

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