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Tamron 35-150 f/2-2.8 Di III VXD for Sony FE Mount $2599.20 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Almost as cheap as pre-launch pricing

Focus Type: Autofocus
Image Stabilisation: No
Colour: Black
Lens Type: Telephoto Zoom
Aperture: f/2-2.8

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  • +1

    That’s an impressively large apature for such a large zoom range. I shoot real estate so I use my RF 15-35mm 2.8 99% of the time but for the regular shooter this may be the only lens you need.

    • -1

      this may be the only lens you need.

      Maybe… If it had IS.

      • +1

        Sony cameras you will use this lens on has IS built into the body so this lens will not be an issue..

        • I like to use (IS)²

          • @jv: is this you jarrad? its ed from melb

  • -5

    $2600 for a plastic lens? No thank you.

    • my $4300 RF 28-70 is also plastic!

  • Camera setup are getting too expensive these days…..

    This lens suppose to help to lower the cost as people can get two lens instead of three. Yet the price itself plus the price of A7 iv sort of cancelled out some of the benefit.

    $3500 for an A7iv. $1300 for the 17-28 and $2600 for this. That is 7.5K all up😱😱

    Having said that The old three lens setup with DSLRs would cost the same back then and much heavier.

    • +3

      The other Tamron 2.8 range (the 28-75, for example) are designed to be cheaper alternatives to the Sony equiv (eg. the 24-70) for crop sensor cameras. I dont think this falls into that category because its a significantly larger lens and the previously mentioned range all uses the same filter size and slightly-off focal lengths to keep costs low.

      I havent paid attention to cameras for a while since I couldnt go anywhere, but that was my understanding of the Tamron FE mount range (I have an A6500 and a Tamron 28-75 f2.8 that I got right as they released them)

      • Well you are talking a whole different system there…..

        Since you mentioned, you know your set can't be have for less that 2.5K and if you told any Pro photographer few years back that you spend 2.5K on a crop sensor and only have one lens, they will just laugh at your face.

        The truth is Camera bodies has gone really expensive. Gone are the days that one can get a decent setup for under 2K. Yes they are better, faster and lighter, but I can't see the justification of the extra charged.

        Add another mix to the pot is mobile photography / videography has come so far now that it is so good that make buying camera no longer a necessary but luxury.

  • Damn missed


      Obviously I am so out of touch that people feel miss out on a 2.5k third party lens!!

      • Tamrons have been punching above their weight in image quality for a while now. the 28-75 I mentioned above is as good as the 24-70 for half(?) the price.

        • I would prefer the 17-70 for the crop sensor. I have not pick up a camera for half a decade now or I will buy that for my aging A6000 or the fuji version for my XT-2.

          • @syswong: yeah 28 is a bit tight on a crop, but I have my phone for anything wider. I was going to buy the 17-50 equivalent Tamron but then covid happened and I had nowhere to go to shoot photos.

  • An upgraded version of the classic jack of all trades lens (18-200mm).

    I personally prefer a series of primes instead. More lenses of course but similar price and better quality. And the individual lenses are smaller so if you know what type of shots you'll be taking that day just bring the most suitable lens.

    • Chalk and cheese. What’s the max apature at 200mm on that lens?

  • looks heavy

  • Brought it for $2428 when George's camera easter sale. Picked up after 2 months. Originally told me it wouldn't arrive until September.

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