Never buy a Kogan TVs?

I was looking at the kogan 55" TV they are selling at the moment and asked their sales staff if it supports 1:1 pixel mapping. Their response was simply "Our current range of TVs do not support 1:1 pixel mapping." For me this basically writes their entire range off. It means that using a media centre PC with any of their TVs is out. Even if someone isn't currently using a media centre, not ever having the opportunity to plug in a laptop, tablet or phone into the TV is a BIG problem these days.

For anyone who hasn't heard the term 1:1 pixel mapping, it just means "work like a computer monitor". Most TVs make the picture larger and cut off the edges to hide data the comes as part of the TV broadcast. This makes everything a little bit fuzzy and makes clicking the start button on windows difficult or impossible. Its no issue for movies but can make it difficult to read text. It's one of those "features" where they've gone to a lot of extra trouble to make things worse. By enabling 1:1 pixel mapping this "feature" is turned off and you get a nice sharp image with the entire picture visible.



    1: The actually issue is 'overscan'. It is possible to avoid the problem by sending an overscanned signal from your media source (provided your hardware/drivers let you do this), but this is not for the average user.

    2: VGA signals are not used to transmit overscanned signals, thus you should never have this problem when connecting via a analogue VGA cable (or DVI-A).

    3: Dispite not having the '1:1 feature', it wouldn't surprise me if they actually do have an option to disable overscan, as this can be called many different things and most sales people have no idea.

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    I did ask for clarification from them but have not received a reply yet. I spoke to a friend who has several kogan TVs and he said all of them are crappy when connected to a PC. His definition of crappy was "Fuzzy text, when you try to read emails and similar. It’s ok for pictures and videos."


    Confirmation from Kogan:

    "That's correct, as our Kogan TV's don't support the 1:1 pixel mapping the sides will get cut off."


    "not ever having the opportunity to plug in a laptop, tablet or phone into the TV is a BIG problem these days."

    This seems like a bit of an exaggeration to me, I'd hazard a guess that ~1% of the Aussie population are using TVs for this function. It's seems like more of a specialist feature that one would seek out if they needed it.


      Considering movie sales are down a staggering 40% due to illegal downloads I think someone has to be watching them. I know there are other means of watching these such as set top box but a large proportion of people are using a media PC. I know probably 30 people who are using one or just plugging in a laptop and I certainly don't know 3000 people :-) I'd say the true figure would be 10 to 20% easily.


        I also know lots of people who do not know of or care about image quality in anyway (despite how much they may pay for said equipment).


          I don't care that much myself as long as it's in the right aspect ratio. I do need to be able to read text but the big issue is that the sides of the windows desktop are cutoff. It makes it really hard to use a media pc when you can't see the start button or task bar.

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    Oh my god….


    Oh my I just can't believe Kogan TV's can be that bad! Seriously, it's just shameful.


      Unrelated: This is the same Auna from Whirlpool? …and the same Auna from DS Australia all those years ago? …it's amazing how we keep crossing paths online.


      I know!! In this day and age it is a disgrace if you ask me. We are not talking about something like 3D, this is a purely software feature that could easily be added at near zero cost.


    that may be the case, but for those 40% or more Aussies downloading movies and watching them are mostly going to watch them on their PC, or save it to a thumbdrive/portableHDD to view on their TV. Kogan's TV's support that, as do most any other current model brand TV today.

    the next level of features that most other TVs eg. Sony/Samsung/LGE have, is networking — that allows you to watch streamed movies from your PC or some websites eg(quickflix/netflix/etc), and the built-in web browser would allow streaming from thousands more sites. I watch movies on demand through quickflix, but most video chains offer similar, legal deals — so it's not all illegal.
    Kogan doesn't offer networking/web access on any of their TVs at present, but almost all of them feature HDMI, so you can plug-in a Boxee or AppleTV and get that level functionality or even more for ~$100-200.
    Telstra, Optus and several other companies also have their own settop boxes that promise similar functionailty, but don't be fooled — they will not allow you the features that Boxee or AppleTV do, just a PVR and a single expensive option for on-demand movies.

    Kogan's TV's are well-known rebadged Samsung models, (they are obviously from the budget series), but the price : quality is almost impossible to beat.


      I did say there are other methods to watch these movies but the point is a good percentage will be using a computer to watch it on their TV. Many people might not have a dedicated media PC but a lot of people I know just plug in their laptop. Even if I wasn't currently using this feature, the fact that I might use it in the future is something I would want to be able to do. JimJim described it as a specialist feature but I think he is just out of touch. In this day and age, plugging in a laptop to your TV is most definately NOT a specialist feature.

      Also, I should add that you pointed out that a lot of people would just watch it on their PC. Isn't the next logical step then to plug the PC into the TV? That is, if they didn't buy a kogan :-)


      I wasn't aware Kogan TVs are rebadged Samsung units. Any reference for this?

      Kogan occasionally claim they use "Samsung panels" which is just the display panel and doesn't mean a lot considering Samsung and LG account for over 50% of the global LCD market. There are many other components that go into making a TV which include the image processor/engine which actually drives the output.

      What I'm saying is, buying a cheap, C-grade Samsung panel and calling a TV a rebadged Samsung unit is not accurate, if that's what you meant initially.


        There are only handful of panel manufacturer. Many Chinese & Local brand have LG or Samsung panels in it, generally. One more local brand TYAGI claims that they have LG panels. Other hardware might be different but nobody claim on those things. that's why there is a huge difference in contrast ratio, pixel, frequency & resolution. But non techie doesn't know the difference & they think it is LG or Samsung.


    I asked them the exact same question about a year ago.
    At least you got a definite answer because the response I received went something like, "I'm not sure".

    I even tried looking through their sparse user manuals to see if there is any mention of a "PC Mode".

    I have read though that the VGA input on a TV will give you 1:1 pixel mapping, whereas the hdmi input will produce over-scan if the hdtv isn't able to auto-adjust. If only I could walk into Kogan's and try it.

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    I have good news for you all. I just got my new Kogan 55 inch (September 2012) and it does support full 1:1 pixel mapping. The setting is called simply 'fuel view' from the menu. I have confirmed this with all the latest 1080 1:1 pixel test images. Each pixel can be clearly seen individually right to the edge of the screen on all tests - with no bands indicating that there is no over scanning / re-sizing compensation going on etc - text is also very clear.

    I nearly sent my Kogan back after reading this thread, but I did all the online tests and it was always perfect.


      Which model is this? As I am considering buying a 55". And this thread was really putting me off Kogan and opting for LG / Pano / Samsung LCD/LED


      I would be interested to know which model also.


    Kogan staff would not have a clue what 1:1 is. Why would you even try and ask them? Nearly all Kogan tv will have a setting regarding overscan. This is what matters.


      Actually I asked twice and on both occassions they knew what 1:1 was and said definintely it does not support it on any of their TVs. What is this setting you are referring to?


      I agree - It is more likely that they just don't know.

      The spec for my 42" 1080p Kogan said it could only display max 1366x768 over VGA… I asked about it twice - was told that the spec was correct, on the second they updated the spec (and it most definitely does do 1920x1080).

      I paid $320 delivered for my 42" LED full HD with LG panel… no complaints.


    I agree that Kogan dont know their product. You can trust the Chinese who make Kogans have this down pat.

    What I found is this… there's 3 makers of common video cards… ATI, Nvidia and Intel.

    I found only one brand to automatically adjust to a format that most HDTVs support via HDMI… that is "YCbCr 444"

    I dont fully understand this, nor do I understand why ATI seems to be able to automatic find this mode over Intel and Nvidia.

    I've tried to stuff around with Nvidia/Intel cards to force YCbCr444 mode but have been unsuccessful.

    "YCbCr444" mode shows no overscan and you could conceivably use the HDTV as a monitor.

    All ATI products I have and consulted on worked fine using latest drivers, inc. laptops and desktops.

    Here's a thread that documents the issue but google does not show a great deal of info on this problem.

    I'm happy to learn more about this if you guys know.


    This is the contents of an email that I have just sent to


    You have bought the worst feedback that anyone could not want.

    I promise you now, in writing, that I will go on every post/forum/feedback option that I can find and report your dodgy and false business model!


    Order number KA306475-00x8j – supposedly being one UNLOCKED Samsung Galaxy S3

    This was LIES. This piece of crap you sent is locked to Orange – which you KNEW as you sent me a page with instructions and an an unlock code – WHICH DOES NOT WORK


    You sent me an expensive useless and unusable phone.

    This is the worst shopping experience of my life.

    Think I am angry, well the answer is YES and I have started telling EVERYONE and ANYONE that will listen what cheats you are and why, and that you have the WORST BUSINESS MODEL EVER.

    LOL!! I thought some Chinese business models were dodgy, well you are certainly right up there with the worst of them. And you claim to be Australian. Well I hope that this is another lie, because I am ashamed if you truly are.

    As a professional and business person myself I cant believe how stupid you are trying to pull stunts like this.

    Good luck because you sure are going to need it.


    ps. And while Kogan claim to be an Australian company I have just noticed that their address is in Hong Kong…………..if you are buying from them…..good luck!


      I hear you and sympathise. You're posting off topic, which usually means people will be annoyed. I almost marked you down as a ranter.
      Just tell people that they should beware buying from Kogan, including a TV.
      I came here for advice on the quality of kogan tvs. Your posting is about mobile phones- see the problem?
      I have a friend who loves buying stuff from kogan (about 10 things now). He never had a problem.

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