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7 Watches From $150 Delivered (e.g. Citizen Eco-Drive BM8180-03E $150, Bulova Hack Auto $279.00 Delivered) @ Starbuy


I asked Deepak for some good watch deals & here is what he came up with.

Model Discounted Price
1 - Citizen Eco-Drive BM8180-03E $150.00 delivered
2 - Citizen Eco-Drive Chrono AT0200-05E $189.00 delivered.
3 - Citizen Eco-Drive AW1525-81L (Blue Wave) $185.00 delivered.
4 - Citizen Eco-Drive Chrono CA4505-12E $229.00 delivered.
5 - Bulova Hack Auto 96A282 $279.00 delivered.
6 - Bulova Hack Auto 96A259 $279.00 delivered.
7 - Bulova Diamond Quartz 97F55 (Gold) $89.00 delivered.

Weekend Flash Sale
Eco-Drive explained.

Citizen Eco-Drive BM8180-03E

  • Crystal/Lens - Mineral
  • Diameter - 37mm
  • Band width - 18mm
  • Case Thickness - 10mm
  • Luminous hands & markers
  • 6 Month Power Reserve
  • Low Charge Indicator - the second hand will skip a second
  • Strap - Nylon
  • Water resistant to 100 Metres - in general, suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not diving
  • 5 Year Australian Warranty from Citizen Australia

Watchuseek Review
Reviews on Amazon US
The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Seiko 5 Sports SRPD75P-9 $249 Delivered (RRP $625) @ Starbuy

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  • +5

    Please check the specs on Starbuy links before buying. Lots of them are smaller sizes for skinny wrists.

    • Smaller sizes are hard to find.

      My son has handed over his intended travel beater Casio MDV106G-1AV as it is simply too big for his wrist. Now I find myself with his watch and my own batman version as travel beaters (the batman on a Nato strap looks brand new after a recent trip to Vietnam - impressed with the bang for buck).

      Does the guru of all things watch on OB have any suggestions for similar styles in 40 mm or less case size as I owe my son a watch?

      I note that the ATO200-05E in your link above is heading in the right design style and is 39mm.

      • There are more watches in this post under 40mm than over. The 8180 seems like it would be perfect.

        The deal ends at midday.

  • You said "from 150" but there's one priced at 89?

    • +35

      I hate writing "From" because it sounds like I'm from marketing so I didn't want to lead with an $89 gold quartz watch. Sorry please don't neg me.

      • +2

        No way man, it's a good deal, I just wanted to make sure you hadn't overlooked it!

  • +1

    Been looking at their sales for months.
    Finally ordered a Promaster (to my liking) for under $400.

  • Where would these designers be without Omega to copy?….lol
    No neg from me though as I always like Starbuys deals and have bought from them before.

    • +1

      And Rolex.. only so many basic watch styles and not everyone wants to spend thousands.

  • +1

    damn it

  • Just ordered the BM8180-03E thanks. Reviews seem consistent in saying the strap is garbage. Any recommendations on a replacement nato strap?

    • you probably don't want an actual nato strap, i watched a guys long term review of the watch and he replaced it with a nato, he mentioned it scratched the hell out of the back

      • Does it really matter if you rub a band pattern into the back of a $150 quartz watch?

        • exactly, just use the stock band to start with and see if you like it, or till it wears out

        • yes

    • +1

      The strap isn't that bad, used it for a few months before moving on to nato straps - used a striped one, now a gray, both good. With the watch so small and light (which is good), easy to get a Nato strap to fit well. The watch itself is accurate and durable after 4 years so far

    • It shouldn't if it has a normal brushed finish on the case back - don't see the point for a polished finish which scratches anyway.

      • "normal brushed finish" ? Ive never seen a watch with a brushed finish on back, unless you are talking about actual military watches, which this isn't. This is a military style watch, but it's still a civilian watch and the case back is polished with the normal citizen logo on the back

        • Dunno just saying as long as it's not that real polished finish which scratches easily on most watches (the upper case and lugs etc), plain stainless seems to hold up.

          Checked my Hamilton khaki no scratches yet (bead blasted finish and brushed stainless on back) maybe depends on quality of NATO but been using a few on it.

          Hard to tell from the picture if the whole case back is polished or just the outer ring it shouldn't be that much area to be scratched. how often do you look at the back anyway.

          Those other straps styles above are an option as well a plenty of others.

          • @G-rig: https://youtu.be/5OgC4qF8UJM?t=304

            timestamp 5:04 if it doesn't work properly in the link

            i think the whole back is polished

            it's just something to be aware of. some people, like me, care about that sort of thing

            • @[Deactivated]: Ah just watched it.
              Stupid having a full polished case back for that reason, most aren't (especially military watches).
              Agree, something to be aware of)

    • the strap isn't so bad, i wore mine for years and it didn't deteriorate or anything. it's not brilliant and it did fade from sweat and sun, but it's fine.

  • +1

    My teenage son has had the BM8180-03E for almost 3 years and I've just changed the band to one of these Barton Elite Silicone Straps.


    I can't comment as to durability as I've never tried these before, but it looks good and has a nice soft feel. I think the thickness works well with the watch, it's not too thick and chunky for the watch. I chose one with the black outside red inside combo. Another nice thing was it came with two strap lengths in the pack regular and long.

  • If only the Citizen Eco-Drive BM8180-03E came in different dials (i'm after blue). I know the AT0200 comes in blue but would rather a 37mm dial.

    In case anyone's interested, the white dial is $249

  • +1

    The BM8180-03E is my 'current' watch that has been lost for around 6mo. very sad about it. it was a sensational watch. i am sure it will turn up so i don't want to buy another, but it seriously is fantastic and i would recommend it to anyone.

    • Did you end up getting something similar?
      Doesn't sound like it will show up, could get another one ?

      • Nah nothing yet, I’m holding onto my pennies a while longer. I have a Garmin watch I use for running that I am using in the interim. It’s bulky and ugly and needs to be recharged but it tells me the time lol

        • +1

          That's fair, see if something better comes up
          Phones are handy for that too 😉

      • so I ended up committing to wearing my Garmin watch for a while but it gave me some kind of burn/rash from the strap.

        bit the bullet and got a new citizen ecodrive https://starbuy.com.au/citizen-eco-drive-bm6835-23e/.

        Somehow it feels a bit lower quality than my BM8180-03E, not sure why. it does look good though.

        the strap on it is absolutely garbage. any recommendations for a place to buy a replacement that's of reasonable quality? leather or fabric i don't mind. i think it's 21mm.

  • It's a shame the Bulova Precisionist collection doesn't have any watches under 40mm

  • +1

    AW1525-81L aw yesss
    and it has the underpants at 12 how can you go wrong

  • Important question, who's Deepak?

    • +2

      who's Deepak?

      The star of Starbuy

    • +3

      He's a mystery, an enigma and the well respected dealer of fine wristclocks behind Starbuy.

    • +5

      He watches the watches.

  • I've been hearing Seiko is having supply chain issues and now hardly any Seiko's in this weekends sale… Time to panic buy like TP in 2020 and hunker down in the bunker?

  • -6

    Pretty subpar brands

  • The Bulova 96a282 is a great looking automatic for someone with a smaller wrist. Looks like a stack of coins on my 7.75” wrist.

  • the 96A259 is by far the most accurate WW2 field watch reproduction i've come across (probably because they made the originals) but I wish we could get a pure version, without the branding on the face and logo on the back, made as accurate as possible to the original but with upgrades (increased durability, better WR, sapphire crystal etc) and just the model number, serial etc. on the back, like the 96A282 has. purely functional as a field watch while still remaining true to the originals. there is just something about the originals that other brands, while coming close, never get right, like seiko, citizen, bertucci etc.

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