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Masterchef 3 Cookbook $12.95 Free Shipping RRP $39.99 (Save $27.04)


I have spotted the Masterchef 3 Cookbook on sale at Doubleday for $12.95. According to Booko.com.au, this is almost half of the price from the next cheapest seller of this book. There's no expiry date listed, so no idea when it will end.

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  • Aren't the recipes already available on the site ?

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    does it include recipes for "crying on demand", its a popular dish this season

  • This is very very dodgey.

    Site took my credit card details then spat some SQL error at me.
    Also tried to pay via paypal and it didnt work either.

    Website is very poor and dodey.

    Remove this deal for the safety of users.


    • Same happened to me, I pretty sure they just stole me CC details. This deal is posted from a ozbargain account, with zero comments and this is their first deal. Sounds like sockpuppeting to me

    • Did you actually get charged? Plus if there's a problem you can always get your bank to refund the money. Doubleday has been around for a long time, I doubt they're trying to scam you.

    • Well hopefully the SQL error was their website failing to record your CC details.

      They at least have a secure encryption.

    • I have been using ozbargain for a long time but never found a good bargain to post. I'm a pretty big fan of Masterchef so thought it may interest some other people.
      I have bought from Doubleday before and they're not too bad. If you check booko.com.au, they list them too, just to prove they are not dodgy.

  • They will probably have another buy 2 get one free sale soon.

  • I have found that when the prices go down on this website, they stay down, so I reckon it'll be valid until they sell out.

  • I made a purchase, no errors - received a confirmation email… Seems legit

  • I received my books late last week - all seems legit