How Can I Get a Custom Mobile Number? 0420 XXX XXX

I am looking for a particular mobile phone number and I went into Telstra/Vodafone/Optus but all 3 were not able to get the number and indicated that they at most could help with a few digits but not the whole number…

The number isn't anything fancy but is dear to me and has never been used in Australia… It starts with 0420 and a website I found it within the range allocated to Telstra but no-go from them…

Anybody in the biz who can provide some insight?


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    Mobile numbers are commonly scalped and resold at extortionate prices. You might find it on a listing on eBay, Gumtree etc but beware lots and lots of scammers.

    • Thanks for the reply but it has never been provisioned in Australia… so it would be fresh. I have even tried 2 smaller places like Boost etc but no-go and feel I need to go the extra mile to obtain it.

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    'As the first four digits of Australian numbers are allocated to carriers (for example, 0400 and 0488 are Telstra numbers, 0401 and 0411 are Optus, and 0404 and 0424 belong to Vodafone), these usually can't be customised.'…

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      Jimothy, I am not thrilled with that bit of info, but am in love with your name… 'Jimothy Wongingtons'

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      Jim, James, Jimothy…to be fair Jimothy, are you ok with being called Jim?

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        Jim, James, Jimothy…to be fair Jimothy, are you ok with being called Jim?

        I am.

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          And Jim, for what it's worth, "Asian Jim" from The Office is my favourite of your avatars.

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    if you pm me the number, i can see if its being used (or the status of it)

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      if you pm me


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    Might not be possible cheech…

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    Hmmm, 04200 and 04201 appears to be reserved for NSW Railcorp and other select providers, 04202 onwards appears to be Vodafone:
    Wiki Telephone_numbers_in_Australia

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    I know with Amaysim if you order a new prepaid service on their website they give you a list of numbers to choose from. You can also put in a string of numbers that you want e.g. "888" and it will try to find numbers from its pool. If you don't like any on the list they will refresh the list.

    But if you are certain it's within the Telstra range then try with some of the providers that use their network - e.g. Boost, Woolies Mobile, Aldi mobile, Telstra Prepaid.

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    They used to put the phone number you'd get on the back of Sim starter kits. Try looking through them in the supermarket.

    • I remember those days, and used to do it but they got rid of that ages ago. It was always cool seeing numbers and some just clicked.

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    About 27 years ago I signed up with B Mobile and could choose my own number.

    I chose 0419 MYN AME

    I've never once given out my number as my first name because I'm not a w@nker but the option is there for when I do become one.

    The good ol days.

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      yeah i know someone that 0400 MYNAME (their name). She's had the number for 20 odd years, and got married earlier this year, and didn't want to change her name because of this (amongst other reasons that her husbands surname rhymed with her last name)

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          Or Tim Sims in Muriels Wedding.

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            @Heaps for Cheaps: A girl I worked with, her name was Megan and marred a guy with the last name Egan. Suffice to say she didn't change her last name to his.

        • Haha I was thinking about this just yesterday while driving behind an Alfa Romeo Giulia and wishing the number plate was 'JULIA".

          (Yes I know the pronunciation is wrong.)

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      because I'm not a w@nker

      You sure about that? :P

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      I chose 0419 MYN AME

      So 0419 MSP AIN?

      You forgot the 🫖

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    Why is this number dear to you?

  • You can get your desired number from amaysim

    • So they can issue unallocated numbers ? … I was of the impression companies had to basically get the ACMA to issue them blocks of numbers…

      • Yes I guess

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          You may be mistaken there… According to the ACMA the 80,000 numbers between 0420 120 000 and 0420 199 999 are unused/unallocated/spare, along with many other huge blocks of numbers…

          If companies like Amaysim can issue any number they like there certainly wouldn't be big blocks of unused numbers like this…

          Some other nice unused blocks of numbers are the 4.4 million numbers between 0440 000 000 to 0444 399 999…. and the 5 million numbers between 0461 000 000 and 0465 999 999

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    my number is 0420 and that number was from Vodafone about 17 years ago, i believe Telstra is normally 0408

    • I have 0420 3— —- with Kogan (VF) too.

      • 0420-2 to 0420-9 is Vodafone, the OP is seeking an 0420-1 number, all sussed out up the page ;)

        0420 100 000 – 0420 109 999 Pivotel Satellite Pty Ltd
        0420 110 000 – 0420 119 999 COMPATEL Limited
        0420 120 000 – 0420 199 999 Spare

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    I’ve found some 0420 from amaysim premium 30$ numbers last years

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    I managed to get 04XX X69 420 :D

  • Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but how can I ask Telstra for a personalised number? It starts with 0461 and according to Wikipedia it's assigned to Telstra. Not sure how to check if it's free, though.

  • Op did you manage to get 0420 420 420?

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