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EPOS GSP 670 Bluetooth Gaming Headset $179.10 + Free Delivery + Surcharge @ Computer Alliance


Stumbled on this deal at computer alliance on the EPOS GSP 670 down to $199 same as previous deals but they also have a code for an additional 10% off with free delivery.
1% surcharge on card and PayPal payments.

Wish I did more research as I managed to pick up my set locally at JB with a price match before i found the 10%OFF at computer alliance today.

Happy hunting

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  • Reviews are saying the range on this headset is pretty bad. Has anyone who has got this before, experienced that?

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      Pros -
      - amazing positional audio. Could catch swooping eagles in fc4 before they got me, could track vehicles purely by sound
      - nice flat audio response, and can tweak to boost bass etc with the software.
      - Comfortable enough for me, the padding on the ears is great, and nice big ear cups. Top padding could be better.
      - Good mic quality, and directionality (just been talking to people on discord, my voice came through fine and they didn't hear my dog barking right next to me)
      - Decent switching between bluetooth/wireless. I have my phone connected via bluetooth as well as my PC via 2.4ghz, and the headset will prioritise whichever device tries to play audio.
      - construction feels solid

      Cons -
      - range on the 2.4ghz dongle isn't great, especially with walls in the way. It's fine 4-ish metres away with line of sight to the receiver, drops out and crackles a bit once there's a wall in the way. Bluetooth connection is better. Honestly the only time I notice it is if I try to get something from the kitchen and leave something playing on my PC. Even through a single wall the connection is acceptable.
      - there's a slight staticky hiss in the background, but it's not noticeable if you're actually playing content.
      - battery life isn't great, it's rated at 16hrs via 2.4ghz and that about matches up with my experience
      - They're very bulky and gamer aesthetic (but thankfully no RGB). Right side sticks out 70mm from my head, left side (with mic) sticks out 90mm

      Bought mine from ebay last time they were posted here for about the same price as this deal. For the price I'm very happy with them, if I had paid RRP of $400-500 I'd be disappointed

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        Have to 100% agree with the above. There are mixed reviews about, but I’ve loved my pair. Wouldn’t pay RRP tho.

      • I also have these and for this price I also recommend them

  • How's the mic quality ?

    • If it's anything likely GSP 550 set then absolutely fantastic

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    gsp 370 is a much better buy than this

    • Are they discounted somewhere?

    • Curious as to why the 370 is a better buy?

    • 370 was rated better mostly for its value cause 670 was so much more expensive back then…

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