[PS5] Resident Evil: Village $25 (in Store Clearance Only) @ Big W


Resident Evil Village $25 at the couple stores I visited. 6-7 copies each, however the online link says no stock so best to check instore yourself.

Photo here

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  • So.. where are those couple of stores you visited?

    • Sorry, Sydney.

      • which stores, if you don't mind sharing?

  • Doesn't appear to be any stock in Vic.

    • No stock at the stores I visited according to their site, but plenty there.

      • -2

        Can you share which stores you visited in vic? Thanks

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    I know if I buy this then it'll quickly be added to PS+, like all the discount PS games I buy recently.

    • +5

      It looks like there will be a gold edition coming soon in October which includes a new dlc, third person mode (which will be interesting)

      • Any news on price of the dlc/third person mode add on if you own the original game?

      • +1

        Awesome, I really don't like first person for resident evil. Already own Village but haven't played it yet. Looks like you'll need to buy the DLC to get third person mode from what I've read.

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    Seaford, SA had heaps

    • Thank you!! Their bloody website says zero stock in SA. Silly me trusting that… finally picked up a copy tonight… there were 4 left when I got mine :)

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    Amazon price match please

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      Can one actually message them and ask for a price match? I've heard conflicting stories

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        No, the price bots will match when it meets certain criteria

    • dont think they have stock

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    its not the best RE I have played but I have finished this if you liked RE 7 you will sort of like this one. its a similar version but they changed it to be more like the old style RE so RE 7 is still the most unquie version of RE to me. Still a good game just wish it was longer.

    • I’d say it’s a cross between RE7 and RE4

  • Tempted to grab this for the PSVR2 version, but I was too chicken to get through RE7 in VR so not sure why I think this one will be any different.

    • Also waiting to play this game with PSVR2 but I heard that it would be a separate game?

      • Most likely just and update when its released. $25 is a bargain.

  • just recently finished this, the gameplay fun altho I did not really enjoy the story which I thought was dumb. Good callbacks to RE4 but also they decided to streamlined everything for the casuals instead of keeping the fans happy. Definitely a buy at $25 if you can find it.

  • Top Ryde BigW has a few instock, they dont have any boxes due to customer spilling drinks on it, but they do have Discs if you dont care about the box.

  • Got one at Merrylands and although the website indicates no stock.

  • Xbox same price?

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