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Edifier S3000PRO $669 Delivered (via Spend & Save Offer) @ Wireless 1 eBay


Been waiting a while for a decent price drop and finally bit the bullet, not the cheapest price but seems to be the lowest posted on here since May 2021.

Part of eBay's current 'Spend and Save' promotion.

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  • +1

    Just FYI this isn't Ebay plus only, I have the offer and I don't have plus.
    Although I'm quite happy with my Q Acoustics 3020i! :D

    • Thankyou, I will edit the post :)

  • which code?

    • I see a " Save AU $60.00 on this item. Show me how" link. Had to reload to see it again after clicking on it.

  • -2

    This company used to put fake tweeters on their low end models to make them look good

    • Chinnnaa, I told you all about this. I'm the best president and I would have put Chinnna in their place.

    • +11

      Car manufacturers put fake exhausts on cars to make them look good too.

      No one's forcing you to buy them and as long as it performs to it's price point does it really matter?

      • My friend bought this, after a couple of weeks he started getting rattling noise from the cabinet. He was very much in love with the sound though. Lucky that Amazon took out back for him.

        You're right about cars, that has to end too lol

        • +4

          I've had this coming up to a year soon. Great sound. No issues at all. Not neutral but they're fun and punchy. Replaced my 3.1 receiver setup. Just wanted something simpler and cleaner! (my 3.1 setup was a mash of cheap or free parts to be fair, so was never amazing)

          • @ReaperX22: What's a song that really makes these speakers sound good?

    • This is a planar tweeter fyi. Very high end.

    • +1

      When? In 2001? This is 2022… all of their product are top notch (for the price, at least)

  • +3

    Excellent speakers at a great price!

  • MK2 released . Not sure what's the difference though

    • There is no PRO in the mkii, wonder what the differences are.

  • +4

    I would pay much more for these. They replaced my previous two setups with speakers that cost much more. These now have replaced my 7.1.4 Samsung soundbar and Klipsch the fives. Really great speakers.

    • Back to stereo?

      • +2

        Yep, actual stereo hey, physical stereo. Not all virtual.

        • +2

          Oh yeah, I can’t stand any of the virtual stuff.

          • @WhyAmICommenting: Maybe when soundbars can do physical stereo I’ll jump in, but then it’s basically the Sony hta9 which look amazing.

    • really? i find it hard to believe stereo is better than my 7.1.4 soundbar setup

      • +3

        The soundbar couldn’t even do basic stereo, and really suffered in dialogue. I was always changing the mode to make it sound right, but nothing really sounded perfect. With these everything sounds amazing. Dialogue is way better, and having real physical stereo is way way better than virtual stereo. These have fantastic imaging too, with a massive soundstage. If all you want is surround sound for action movies with massive treble and booming bass, these aren’t for that. These are much more balanced, more powerful, far more controlled and handle everything from music to movies while a soundbar cannot.

        • Dont you miss the surround speakers?

          • @John Doh: Yes, but when I use the soundbar, i would rather the s3000s. I much prefer great sound over surrounds.

  • Some decent comparisons here, decent headphones recommended for best indication of how they compare.

    • +1

      Just FYI, they sounded nothing like they did when I did this.

      • That's understandable, I imagine a lot of factors would affect the sound and how it's reproduced in recordings.

        I think the point of these is mainly to highlight some ballpark differences between sets when the environment/conditions are controlled for, but I'm no audio expert and couldn't say how accurately those differences would be represented by oldm8's setup (or whether their setup works in favour of some sets over others etc).

        I'd be interested to know how they differ in your experience though - e.g. do they sound better/worse in the recordings, or was there a specific comparison that didn't hold up to how both sets sound in person?

  • No discount for me? Has this expired?

    • +1

      Still showing for me as a "Save $60 on this item" banner. Another user near the top of this thread had to refresh the page to get it appear so might just be eBay having a problem

  • This or m-audio bx8 for $420?

  • +2

    I was able to get these a week or so ago and I’m blown away at the quality for the price. Even if I’d paid RRP I’d have felt I got a great deal. Highly recommended and They’re still being broken in.

  • doesn't work for me across 3 accounts (ebay plus account had $5 off)

  • Any opinions between the S3000PRO and the Ruark Audio MR1 Mk2 speakers?

  • +1

    I see a banner to get $5 off the $729 price but not $60 off.

  • +2

    It's back to $999 now

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