50% off - Mother's Choice Shine Convertible Car Seat - 0 to 4 Years $164 Delivered @ Target


On sale for 50% off again, I purchased significantly more expensive car seats not knowing this existed when my first one arrived last year and the design is similar. Would definitely go with this at the price point if I was purchasing again.

The Shine Convertible Car Seat features an inbuilt rebound bar design that makes rearward-facing installation a breeze.

Rearward-facing: Suitable from newborn to approx. 12 months of age or until the infant’s shoulders meet the lower height marker.
Forward-facing: To be used in forward-facing position with built-in harness from approx. 12 months of age to approx. 4 years of age or until the child’s shoulders reach the upper shoulder height marker.

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Target Australia


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    Comments on the Traget reviews suggest no side impact protection…

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      What kind of side impact protection would you expect? It looks like the rest to me, got the same upper sections and padding.

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        I would want MC's own side protection system for a start: https://www.motherschoice.com.au/air-protect
        This seat does not feature Air Protect, so no, it doesn't have the same padding.

        • Thankyou. Was looking to get something for our grandchild so we dont have to keep swapping seats. I will probably go for the Infasecure Advance Move

  • Anyone have any reviews of this? And any comments on how easy it is to adjust and tighten?

    • Also wondering the same. Can anyone provide info on confort? Ask your 4 year old…

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      I have the top of the line mother's choice and I assume this is the same type of fitting into a car

      Overall, they all take a bit of work getting used to.

      They need to be connected to a piece of metal in the boot and 2x near the selt belts.

      To be fitted extremely snug, they take a lot of force to tighten. Thus, to put them in out. you'll constantly be loosening and tightening these.

      They require a 1cm gap from the passenger seat, so that seat cant be too far back.

      To remove them in and out of the car, you'll need to move the seat forward and undo the 3x connections.

      Overall, they are very annoying to use.

      However, with that said, my particular model is VERY snug once in and really, it's about protection of the baby. Not so much our comfort.

      • Thanks for your thoughts. Sounds like it would be too much of a hassle for us. Happy to pay a bit more for one that is easier to setup and use.

        • Paying more doesn't mean you're going to get a seat that's easier to setup and use…

        • To be honest, if it's easier to setup it's not good. You want it to be so tightly locked in that it's not going to move in an accident - and that's what fusionk23 described.
          I suggest using your local NRMA/RAA or other paid services for the first fit as they will ensure it's correct.

  • Would not recommend this as it’s not extended rear facing and you have to manually rethread the harness height

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    Does this have isofix?

    • I have the same question

  • No isofix, and has served us well since birth to 16 months so far. Seems very comfortable. Easy enough to attach and adjust straps.

    No side impact protection, and to get one with this costs alot more as far I know.

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