I'd Like to Make a Complaint about Expensive Furniture

I am just a humble OzBargainer but am guilty of indulging in the finer things in life like Aeron chairs, a 3000-series graphics card etc, AF1's.
I also never really understood designer handbags but a friend who got into them seems to be able to easily recoup the money once her bag falls out of favour for her. I guess people will pay to not have to wait the many many months to maybe buy one…

Ahem, yes, but there are some things I don't get in the furniture world:
Wood crates for $535: https://livingedge.com.au/storage/shelving/established_and_s…
I mean, I have got free wood crates that Adelaide Tomatos come packed in and they are great
I also just purchased this from Bunnings and thought it was overpriced https://www.bunnings.com.au/large-wood-storage-crate_p021421…

Dog House $7610 - Looks like a plywood house

Can anyone on OzBargain with a better understanding of furniture, ideally a gourmet furniture salesperson, share who buys this and why… or is it just for display at retail?

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    Did you take advantage of the 30% off at Liquorland yesterday?

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    Surely the price is part of the appeal. Knowing that very few other people in the world have the same dog house as you.

    • I do get the exclusivity appeal, but on googling it's so exclusive that it's not even listed on the manufacturers site…

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      Precisely. It's a vanity item.

      who buys this and why

      People who want to flaunt wealth. "Yeah, that's right. I just blew $7k on a flimsy doghouse, and when it inevitably gets destroyed by the elements next week I'll just blow another $7k to buy the exact same model again. That's what I get to do when my FAANG-employed husband makes more money in a week than your husband did in the entire 2021 fiscal year."

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        I'd prefer a $7,000 range hood..

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    "A fool and his money"

    Edit, and the boxes look kinda shoddy with the gaps in the bottom:

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    Seems like you've just pointed out an expensive website that probably doesn't deliver many products because they're on backorder.

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    Some insights on Price vs Cost vs Value https://keydifferences.com/difference-between-price-cost-and…

    Items that seem to have ridiculous pricing (if we think this, we are probably not the target audience), is the perceived value.

    Definition of Value
    Value can be described as the benefit derived by the customer from the product or service. In clearer terms, value is what a customer perceives the product or service is worth to them.

    Definition of Price
    Price is the consideration given in return for acquiring a good or service. In a commercial transaction, price refers to the amount charged by the seller from the buyer, in exchange for any product or service, which includes cost and profit. It is the return for quality, often expressed by the value, at the marketplace.

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    OP – Some thoughts about why you may or may not want to splash out on a dog house

  • Anything that uses the word ‘designer’ in the product name or description simply has a larger profit margin to liberate as much cash as possible from the punters. Everything has been designed by someone.

    Up to a point premium materials and quality manufacturing increase the value of a product. Beyond that it’s all perception, vanity, exclusivity etc. then there’s extremely overpriced stuff that rich people just want to laud over us.

    Any decent fabricator, Carpenter, upholsterer etc could likely make the same product for 1/3 the price but then what would you tell your Instagram followers?

    The beauty of expensive ‘designer’ items is that you don’t need to pay that much. It’s a choice.

  • If people will buy it then I guess it keeps those designer folk in jobs. I think it’s for people who have a lot of money to spend. Also in some countries people spend a lot let on housing and hate smaller spaces so can furnish that small space well with minimal but high quality items.

    This chair from that website legit looks like a shower chair that you’d pick up on the way home from hospital after having a fall

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    How do you know if anyone is going to buy it? I might be cleared later for 95% off or the retailer only sells on consignment.

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    This is something I have a problem with in other areas.

    Like spectacles. Available in lots of designer designs, boasts the adverts. That exactly what I don't want. Any more than I want "designer" clothes.

    "Designer" just usually means massively overpriced for what you get, just plain stupid, or what is just fashionable today.

    Like cars. They've just made a whole lot of them ugly and stupid. Like the new grille design on BMWs. Pretty much everyone except the designer who is responsible says it looks stupid and ugly. And he won't back down. He says everyone will get used to it.

  • Furniture is the least of your worries. There are people who buy $1,390 plastic clothes peg baskets, Link

  • ..and it's sold out, too.

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    There certainly is a market for this stuff: people who spend other people’s money. Think interior designers kitting out a commercial development, or a new luxury mansion. When you’re furnishing a $10 million home, there is a minimum ‘quality’ level that would be appropriate. If you’re not getting a custom joinery-piece dog house, $7k off-the-shelf isn’t so bad.

    And we’re not paying retail prices (I’m not an interior designer, but I travel in the same circles), we’re getting a trade discount. Retail is for suckers.

    • Hmmm, very insightful cakejellyfish.

      One of my friends friend is a interior designer and for some stores he gets 50% but at another store it was 15%, there just wasn't room.

      Could you share any awesome purchases you have made for friends or family that you were able to get a super-duper discount for?

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