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Forresters Natural Almonds $14.99/1.2kg @ ALDI


I found it on the special buys on the coming Wednesday. It works out as $12.49/kg, pretty good price, IMO.

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  • Hmm i thought it used to be $10 a bag..

    You can salt brine them and roast them in the airfryer with olive oil to make them taste better btw

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    Forresters. Its Australian for nuts.

      • .. It was a play on Fosters. Ya know, That beer literally no Australian actually drinks.

        • +1

          Ya know, That beer… developed by 2 Americans, owned by Japanese brewer Asahi Group, with its major market in the UK - where it's made by Dutch brewer Heineken… so very Australian😄

          My comment was a play on yours😉
          Forresters is just one of Aldi's many home brands. This one is used for nuts.

          At least - Its Australian nuts.

          • @INFIDEL: Ahh I only go to Aldi for cheese and even then thats rarely never

            • @DMFD: Same, but do need some nuts😉
              Almost everything @Aldi carries one of their home brands.

  • 83 cents a Kg cheaper than their usual $9.99 for 750 gram pack. Hardly a bargain.

    • It's 6.6% cheaper - maybe not a bargain, but still a discount.

      And much cheaper than Coles and Woolies.

      If 6.6% is not much, we would hardly have an inflation now.

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