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Students: Up to $150 Bonus with New Everyday & Saver Accounts ($300 Apple/Google Pay Spend, Save $100 for 3 Months) @ Bank First


Spend $300 via Apple Pay or Google Pay from the Everyday Account within 3 months of opening the account to receive $100.
Save at least $100 each month for three consecutive months in the Bonus Saver Account to receive $50.

According to the brochure you need to prove your enrolment but they didn't ask me. You have to use the link specified.

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    They have to offer a generous bonus as their ongoing saving rate for students stinks.

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      Hahaha I don't mind that cause I'll kill their bank account once I get my money. Lol

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    Free money I’ll take it

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    Anyone know how long they keep our details on file if they're waiting for our ID documents? I applied for an account as per the previous deal but this one is $50 better.

    • Just try and then if you don't get your bonus call up and complain. It does say it has to be a new customer though.

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    How long did it take for everyone to get there account created? Did the verification on Saturday but haven’t gotten an email yet

  • How long did it take to open the account?

    • Took me about a week and a bit… had to follow up to get my member number.

  • Just an update. I completely the $300 spending on ApplePay and received $50 cash back. Called the bank and was told that only half is paid because no student status is provided. So I have to email them the proofs of student status now.

    • I have not spend $300 but got $50 as "SALARY CASH BACK VALUE"

      • That’s might’ve been from the other deal they’ve got going on for depositing your salary into your savings account.

    • Did you used your student email on signup?

    • Strange, I completed the $300 spending last month and just got the $100 student amount.

      I didn’t provide any documentation but did put my occupation as student during the sign up process from memory.

      • I guess the $50 is for depositing $300 into savings. I still have to complete the $300 spend.

        • Did you deposit $300 over the span of 3 months? According to their t&cs that’s the requirement; fingers crossed it’s not the case and I get the $50 earlier

          • @Bigboy97: I did deposit $200 in 2 months. I will contact them next week to check but I fear they might take it back.

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