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20% off All Liquor @ Coles Online (Excludes QLD, TAS, NT)


Get 20% off your Liquor orders on Coles Online for the next 2 weeks! No promo code needed, applies automatically at checkout!

Also stacks with other offers, such as $20 off $250 campaign also in market, code FOOTY.

Happy Shopping!

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    This won best red wine of the year at some international awards recently


    • Alcohol Volume Percentage:

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        Fun with floating point numbers

    • Award was for the 2020 batch - most places only have 2019 or 2021 bottles unfortunately.

      • Do they? My 4 closest LL & 2 closest FC both have heaps of the 2020. i did see the fake medal ladened 2019.

        But the 2020 vintage has only just been released and AFAIK they haven't released the 2021 vintage yet. Where did you see it?

        Here's the spiel about the award if anyone is interested

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          Went hunting to like 7 stores and few Dans (VIC) couldn't find any.

  • no minimum spend?

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      I would be more worried about ‘no maximum spend’..

    • Coles online orders require a $50 min spend (before discount applied)

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    Good stacking option with Flybuys too!

    Collect 2,000 bonus points
    Spend $70 in one transaction in-store or online at Coles.

    • I have the similar offer but 4000 points for $100 spend….Does this include alcohol though?

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        Yes I can confirm it has worked for me in the past for orders that only have alcohol and no groceries.

        • thanks. So all you need to do is just active in app and enter flybuys at checkout?

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            @s0805: That is correct!

            • @DoctorArd: even better cause of new account had $10 code sent…stack that as well…cheers

  • Was this one Targeted ?.

  • grabbed 2 corona

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      And what about drinks?

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    Yesterday I ordered a watermelon vodka with 10% off, for $41.40. Today it’s $44 with 20% off.
    Cool story, I know.

    • Yeah Wednesday is new prices and new specials day. You obviously got in on last week's sale. There will be a bunch of other stuff on special this week that wasn't on special last week.

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        I’m sorry, did you say “buy more!” 😃

        • +1

          You have my permission! Godspeed!

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    Remember that time the 20% off applied twice. Great memories

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      remember that time when we managed to order a 38'' monitor at $250?

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    how to shop booze at coles online?
    i mean why we need to select store first? why not just list where (which suburb/store name) a particular item available?

    so the step is guessing which store we can go to pickup, and search, if cannot find then change the store, — go like this forever?

    • In SA it changes depending on which Coles branded bottle shop is next door. For example, Burnside has a Vintage Cellars, therefore more obscure craft beer is available there, whereas Firle has a small Liquorland so quite a limited range. Your best bet is to identify this first because it might dictate what is available via a specific Coles supermarket.

    • yeah. pretty frustrating.

  • +1

    Got 5 Suntory HAKU Vodka 700mL for $184.00 or $36.80 a bottle

    • Thanks i will buy 1 to try. (If i can find nearby store sell)

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    Just spent $250 on alcohol to go with the last spend on alcohol with the double code. I have a lot now. I need to drink more. Wife doesn't agree.

  • Thanks OP, managed 2 bottles of Jonnie black and 3 of double black… for $208!

    • By my math, that's…

      $38.91 per Black
      $43.40 per Double B

      Solid numbers 👏

  • Any white wine recs? Nothing too sweet.

  • I can't get this to work - the site makes me choose a click & collect time upfront then once I add the liquor (1L Bombay Sapphire) and try to check out I get a screen saying the item is not available for delivery or click & collect. It doesn't say it's out of stock, but this: "Liquor is not available for delivery or collection at this time". WTF?!?!?

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      OK, so this a trap for young players - I called Coles and the issue was that I selected a C&C time of 10-12am on Sunday and it seems that this is before the legal time you can buy alcohol in NSW which is 11am.

  • Did anyone else have there order cancelled, this is my third order cancelled by Cole’s . They don’t give me a reason for the cancellation.

    “This is a courtesy notification that your Coles online order has been cancelled.“

  • Perfect!

    I was just looking the other day to see if there was a 20% discount as I was starting to run low
    Stocked up again…phew!

  • The website is nightmare. Select pickup, Pick one and not availabe from this store. And most says deliver to car. What if i come walking?

    • +1

      Park your ass in the direct to boot spot and wait?

  • I have the same issue, so I just put my local as another store about 15kms away and then the stock is available to pick as delivery.

    2x Corona and some CCs

  • Anyone else unable to checkout?

    "We're sorry, an error has occurred. Please try again later"

    • +1

      Get this when I attempted to use PayPal. Credit card worked.

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        Funny..I got it when trying Credit card, Paypal worked

  • ordering process is so bad with this lucky there is 20% cashback BWS soon and price of haku vodka is the same on both.

    i prefer without cashback but no choice

  • Anyone had any joy order in SA? No alcohol shows up…

    • Need a PHD. Chose a delivery hub store. Ie. St Clair, Noarlunga. Add it to cart. Then change to a store nearby (but it must have a Liquorland).
      Throw you let phone when you can't find a single store that has your complete order.
      Coles website… 1 star.

    • +1

      Yeah. I got a 1L bottle of Gentleman Jack for $60 from Marion, SA.

      It was on special for $80, came up as $64 in the checkout without a code, added SPIRITS5 and even though it said beside it I hadn't met the criteria or something for that voucher code, it adjusted the previous value to $15 off (instead of $16) and took the extra $5 off.

      Not bad to get the 1L bottle for the price of the 700ml.

      Thanks OP!

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    Max discount of $50. This really should be mentioned in the post.

  • I genuinely cannot find a click and collect location near me that can do alcohol orders (Melbourne)

    • -2

      dan the dictator in actions

  • Dumb question but in WA I'm trying to do my first "Coles Liquor" but it's telling me to go through Liquorland who they own, and there's no automatic discount in the checkout?


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