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[VIC] Darrell Lea Toasted Marshmallows 400g for $5 at Darrell Lea Stand in The Showbag Pavillion / Royal Melbourne Show


For many years, since Darrell Lea closed their retail stores, I have been looking for toasted marshmallows of the same quality as Darrell Lea, without success…
I have tried lots of brands from cheap to gourmet but nothing comes close…
So I was pleasantly surprised when on a visit to Melbourne this week, we attended the Royal Melbourne Show and there were bags of authentic, original, Darrell Lea Toasted Marshmallows for $5/bag… On the back of the bag was a old price which was blacked out, the original price was $12.50 I think…

I 100% thought this was a long-ago discontinued item, but it's back, at least temporarily…

This is a good deal because as I recall, the 150g/200g? bags from stores were this price, and this is a giant bag, for $5!

Expiry date is January 2023

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    generally don’t like marshmallows but the darell lea toasted ones were an exception ….weren’t really toasted but covered in shredded nuts or coconut i recall …..

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    I thought these were gone forever? The GOAT for commercially available toasted marshmallows! For once I am envious of you Melbournians!

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    Thanks OP I am off to the show tomorrow so will have to grab a bag

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      will have to grab a bag

      You don't have to.

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    We grab these a few times a year driving through western Sydney.
    Darrell Lea factory outlet is at ingleburn nsw 2565

    These are always there? $6 /kg ones I got for Father’s Day have a best before February 2023

    And yes they are great.

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      I’ve also bought them from the Sydney outlet.

      I think they still make them as these are the marshmallows that go in rocklea road? Not sure why they don’t sell them retail.

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    I live right near the Darrell Lea factory outlet in Rowville. Next time I pop by I'll have a look if they sell them there to satisfy your cravings all year round :)

    • Darrell Lea factory outlet in Rowville

      Is it worth going? Much savings?
      I drive past there often.

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        They've got good prices for their seconds stuff (past best before, broken, etc), but their normal stuff is similar price to Colesworth when it is on special. Have a look at their Facebook page - they post most of their deals there

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    400g for $5

    Plus $45 entry fee.

    • +2

      I walked in backwards through the exit. slow enough to look like im dawdling and taking my time

      • -2

        I walked in backwards through the exit.

        The turnstiles don't turn backwards.

        • +3

          That's why they have to face the wrong way, duh.

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    A childhood favourite….enjoy!

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    Hey guys, just saw that Darrell Lea factory in Rowville posted that they have these in stock now. So if you missed out and Rowville isn't too far from you, then can get them from there. When I last visited they were card only, no cash


    • That's awesome news. Thanks for posting!

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