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Citizen Eco-Drive 39mm Chrono Field Watch $169.00 Delivered @ Starbuy


Citizen Eco-Drive AT0200-05E

  • Crystal/Lens - Mineral
  • Diameter - 39mm
  • Band width - 20mm
  • Case Thickness - 10.4mm
  • Luminous hands & markers
  • 6 Month Power Reserve
  • Low Charge Indicator - the second hand will skip a second
  • Strap - Nylon
  • Water resistant 100 Metres - in general, suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not diving
  • 5 Year Australian Warranty from Citizen Australia

Relative Time Review.
Eco-Drive explained.

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  • +4

    Band width -

    Don't keep us hanging WN.

    • +1

      Seems WN needs more bandwidth.

      • NBN says no.

    • +1

      Does this watch support B28?

      • +2

        According to the youtube review band width is 20mm (yes I got it).

        This watch would be good for skinny wrist types.

  • +1

    This needs a black Nylon band, any help?

    • I have a very similar model with the same band. After about 8 years of abuse it's performing flawlessly but starting to look really dark green, heading towards black, so you could hang on for 10-12 years…

      But seriously, you can easily buy bands that fit these, or you could possibly just blacken it quite quickly with dye, permanent marker, or possibly even something like shoe polish, though I'm not sure if that would end up shiny.

      I personally like the band.

  • +1

    Fwah. Do I need another watch?

    • +5


      • +7

        Thanks. Purchased!

    • Sure

  • An awesome little watch.

  • Looks like a powered up Weekender

    • Minus the noise. I like my weekender, I just have to hide it under clothes because the ticking keeps me up at night.

  • +1

    Wow, that looks almost identical to one of my Invicta watches!

    • Yes.. I know the one you're talking about. I too have the Invicta model that looks very similar. The Invicta Force style is great being that the crown and buttons are on the left side..I put a nato strap on it, looks awesome.

  • this or SEIKO SRPG37K1?

    • +1

      Both. They both have their benefits. I have both and would lean towards autos.


      • Smooth sweep
      • Awesomeness of a mechanical movement
      • Less accurate than a quartz watch
      • ~40 hours power reserve


      • Accurate
      • Set and forget
      • Will run for 10+ years without issue
      • This has a chronograph as well which can be useful
      • Missing the biggest advantage of the eco-drive.
        ** Recharge cycle 6 months in eco-drive vs 40 hours in Seiko
        For me that's the most deciding factor to go with citizen.

        • I left mine in a drawer for about two years while I switched to a Garmin. I decided to start wearing this again and sat it in the sun for an hour and it woke up and ran perfectly.

  • +1

    If this were $80 I'd buy it. Nice looking watch.

  • Off topic but I thought this was funny. This watch is an automatic quartz haha.
    Never trust Amazon specs. Please don't buy this, it's junk.

    • +1

      Purchased. Been after an automatic quartz for a while now. Cheers WN

      • Time to pick up a spring drive

    • Case material: Metal.

      Nothing like beefing up the highlights, though I guess to be more precise, they could have said " not resin or cardboard,".

  • -1

    This or a Rolex Speedmaster?

    Edit: Sorry, I meant Lorlex Spaedmaster from Aliexpress.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Bought one after reading a few reviews. It's been a while since I've worn a wristwatch, so fingers crossed this one lives up to my expectations for an all purpose outdoor watch.

  • +3

    I've had the non-chrono version of this watch for about 10 years now and it's been an excellent watch. Worn daily, the wrist band is now starting to show some evidence of coming near the end of it's life. I may need to replace it in the next few years, but the watch itself shows no evidence of aging or any deterioration. Eco-Drive is the best thing that I ever purchased and since then all the watch purchases in our family have been Eco-Drive watches. Wife has been very happy with hers, being totally maintenance free, never needing battery changes and always being accurate.

    Watches get adjusted twice a year at day light savings time changes and they have never drifted from NTP time by more than about 10-15 seconds.

    I bought a few Eco-Drive watches from Starbuy OzBargain deals over the years and they always arrived within a couple of days, well packaged and exactly as described.

    +1 from me.

  • +1

    BTW: I'd love to see an Eco-Drive powered calculator watch. 😎

    • i would refuse to wear a calculator watch if I can't play music with the numberpads.

  • Purchased one. Thanks

  • Todays deal is up - Bulova Auto Open Heart 96A247 $199.00 delivered

  • Damn…missed this…but prob a good thing. lol.

  • +1

    Received mine today, liking it so far, never been much of a watch wearer though.

  • +1

    Mine came today too. So quick! Second purchase from StarBuy. Band is super sturdy and overall this watch is a perfect ‘beater’ for when I’m at my farm and don’t want to wear my Seamaster 300m ;)

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