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[VIC, Preowned] Haworth Zody Office Chair Red $50 (MEL Pickup) - Purchase & Delivery by Quotation @ Sustainable Office Solution


At Sustainable Office Solutions we are discounting the Haworth Zodys further, all the way to $50 each only for a limited time.

If you are after a delivery, please contact our office on 03 9312 6341 for a quote.
We still have over 1000 in stock.

Chairs don't include arms.

We are a second hand furniture reseller and all items for sale are second hand.
Pickup available from 52 North View Drive, Sunshine West.

Best to call ahead as we only stock limited numbers on the showroom floor. (03 9312 6341)
All items are second hand/pre-owned and may show signs of wear (i.e. scruff marks and scratches)

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    Could you please provide a quote for one chair to Qld 4000? It may save a few phone calls.

    • unfortunately you are out of our delivery area, your welcome to organise a courier to pick up from our showroom at 52 North View Drive, Sunshine West Vic 3020 - Mon-Fri: 7:30am - 4pm, Sat: 10am - 3pm. Pick up's will be ready 48 hours after invoice payment has been received.

      • Hi Almira, just to confirm that these chairs are second hand or old chair.
        They are not a new chair right?
        Has it been reconditioned or cleaned?
        I may need a few.

        • Good Morning, they are used correct all chairs get steam cleaned prior to pickup/ sale.

    • You're better off buying a new chair

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        I have bought two of these last time (They were $75 each). They are pretty good.

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    and may show signs of wear (i.e. scruff marks and scratches)

    Can we bring along an ultra violet light?

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    any stains?

  • I got one of these in Jan (think they were $100 at the time) I’d just had a back injury, was very familiar with the chair given our corp office was kitted out with them.
    Comfortable, good for backs. Mine only had minor signs of wear on the fabric and wiped off easily.
    Mine was missing a part/the winder that lets you adjust the recline tension (my folks picked it up for me so wouldn’t have known) but this isn’t an issue for me given how I like my chair to be set up.
    Plenty of customizable bits to suit your back: left/right independent lumbar support, height of chair, fwd tilt, rear tilt/recline function and tension, distance of chair seat/bum from the back rest.
    If you need a chair or your current gives your back grief you cannot go wrong for this price
    Think they’re like $750 new from OW

    • Think they’re like $750 new from OW

      I suppose the benefit is a 12 year warranty and its not been touched by other peoples bum bums, but really $50 is a steal.

      • +1

        I came from a hot desking corporate world so that was something I had to mentally deal with a long time ago lol

        • I work from home and we were about to hot desk pre covid…i get a shiver when Im occasionally in work nowdays as its only hotdesk lol.

          HATE hotdesking

  • Great chairs. Would grab a couple if they were in Sydney

    • There's a company who sells 2nd hand office furniture similar to this out of a warehouse on Parramatta Street Road Granville.

      They had the zody in colours for 120. I bought the full black version for 150. It comes steam cleaned. So far, so good 4 months later.

      • Do you remember the name of this place? Wouldn't mind checking it out!

  • We checked these out. For the price they're good value, but had quite a few marks and scuffs.

    • I use alcohol to clean 3 chairs ,good results.

  • Wow, check out that photo on their website with the chairs in the warehouse. These "fitout" companies are making a mint by catering to the disposable nature of society.

    OP, no Sydney delivery if a few of us band together?

    • They’re from closed offices. A lot closed during Covid. The red ones are custom for NAB.

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        office consolidation is a thing… i used to work on all ends of this

        building commission, office renovate or moving and decommissionng…. its a normal part of business

        where do you think all the off cut desktop pcs laptops are from.

        btw. there's places like this OP in QLD and Syd. - they juist dont advertise on ozbargain

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          would you mind sharing which places in Syd? Thanks a lot mate!

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            @homersyd: mate, i would love it if bris and syd. places stepped up

            but when i was working there the people were all rusted on old boomers who thought the internet was a 'fad' - they were all about selling batch loads to other businesses

  • Damn, wish there was a service that would disassemble these and ship all over Aus. I would definitely pay 150+ for one of these delivered to Far North QLD.

    • sounds like you could organise a courier yourself for that much anyway

      • Which courier would do that? Any one you have in mind?

  • Any with arm rests?

    Red color only?

    • Good Morning, the stock we have are only red seating, no arms.

    • Just FYI - I have been looking around since I bought mine, cant find armrests anywhere.

  • I think these came from NAB……

    I bought a couple of these, fairly good condition and fairly clean but you get limited ones to choose from. The chairs are decent quality and better than ones from Ikea for $100.

    I can't get comfortable in these. Back is very forward and you can't adjust the back to go back to a fixed location all you can do is set the limit it will keep tilting back to and the resistance on the back to make it lean backwards. I found the cushion to be way too thin and I can feel the plastic base in a couple of places. If I could return them I would to be honest, they are not for me.

    I suggest that if you are lighter in weight, maybe under 80kg's you wont feel the base like I do.

    • I'm closer to 100kg and find it pretty comfy. I gave it to my partner though and upgraded to the fern as i liked a higher back but I had no complaints about it.

      • was thinking about getting the Fern - does yours have the lumbar support?

        • Yea I ordered mine as extra. Had to wait the full 12 weeks though.

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      The back has two positions it can be 'locked' to as well as a setting that enables recline. Is it possible your backs are locked in the tilt forward position? That setting feels like it is trying to push you forward out of the chair. I would describe this as 'very forward', the standard position mine is in could not be described as forward. If you hadn't explored different settings check out the forward tilt below, hoping yours might be as simple as releasing/turning forward tilt off by lifting the lever. I was using mine terribly at work until a WHS guy gave me a run down on the right set up for me nd all the different settings, have found it great for back

  • anyone know of a similar company in Adelaide?

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      Would like to know if there's one in Perth too🤔

  • Hi,
    Could you please give me a quote to delivery two in VIC 3008? Thanks

    I already sent an email

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      without going and selecting one yourself you are risking getting one or both with dirty marks/stains or things that may not be 100% working or seem stuck. When I went to select mine there was only about 20 on the showroom floor at that time and all had something wrong, some minor and didn't really care but some were not the best with quite dirty seats or small holes in the back or knobs that wouldn't budge.

      • Good to know. Thank you very much for your advice.

        • My two were pretty nice, so sounds like different people have different experiences.

  • They mustn't be selling well looking at previous posts when they were trying to sell for $75.

    • I think they had over 1000 and are down to the last smaller quantity, the leftovers? and so they just need the space and want them out I guess. They do steam clean (best they can) the seats although that doesn't necessarily mean no marks but they do smell better :-)

  • Hi, how many chairs in the warehouse? Can I come over on Sat to select the one I want?


    • our showroom will have around 20 at a time in stock you are welcome to come anytime during our trading hours.

      • How many left now?I will be there 3pm today have a look. Thanks

        • we have around 10 at the moment

          • @[Deactivated]: staff very kind

            • @stone8552: Thanks very much for the positive feedback much appreciated :)

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