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Bose Smart Soundbar 900 Black $1189.95 + Delivery/ in-Store @ Myer


Bose 900 on sale at Myer for $1189.95 m
Think it’s an alright deal, stack with some Myer vouchers or with Amex vogue night with gc perhaps

Let me know what I guys think.

Ends Sunday

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    Store in title.

  • Shopback 16% cash back applies?

  • Anyone tried connecting the antique SoundTouch 300 to Apple TV 4K?

    Give the TH Greyhound a go, you can literally hear the wave splashing behind your couch left to right but only 1 single sound bar front of tv.

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    Over $1000 just for a soundbar is a bit crazy though. No external subwoofer is even included

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      I was thinking the same. I would never be willing to pay $1200 just for at most a 30% better quality than already excellent value and affordable soundbars. I think its ridiculous.
      Not sure why u got downvoted, i think some fanboys got angry

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        I would recommend visiting a brick and mortar audio store with a proper media showcase room to hear the difference.

        Sonos Arc, Bose 900, Sony a7000, Samsung Q990B are towards the top end for their respective manufacturers but not the most expensive (see Sennheiser Ambeo and others) and yet the audio immersion may be completely different from one person to the next and the smaller and cheaper soundbars may not be acoustically suitable for various reasons such as room size.

        For some buyers, a good soundbar let alone sound system will last for many years and can double (though not reach the same heights as dedicated hi-fi systems) for music. It can pay for itself for the time, money and convenience that would rather be spend going to the cinemas several times a year and cater for all the other media available at home such as streaming, sports, etc).

        The more expensive models also have features that are more effective i.e. the cheaper sound bars may have Atmos but not dedicated upward firing speakers, or may not have eARC or room adjustment.

        From personal experience, I considered upgrading a 2.1 Yamaha to a Sonos Beam 2 or similar with/without subwoofer for a small to medium sized room however on several models tested the output was too concentrated due to the physical limitations of the soundbar and a larger unit was more suitable. If you are lucky and with a bit of searching and timing you can get some of the +$1K soundbars for much less in reconditioned/refurbished/open box/seconds sales online e.g. Denon S716H on sale for under $600 delivered.

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          Im definetly not the frugal type but generally if i were to spend this much on something non essential i'd feel guilt to what a waste of my money i have spent (for me, not hating on anyone that does enjoy it). Also i guess income is the main factor in decisions like this as well.
          I'm not very obssesed about sound quality and as long as it doesn't sound like trash, im willing to rock with it for as long as it works.

          I did enjoy ur explanation though!

  • Jesus, $1200 on special.
    How good does it sound?

    I've never been able to justify Bose pricing for the sound they produce but never heard this bar and I need one.

    • I think the price is no where near the true discounted price yet.

      I bought my bar & sub 5 years ago for $1200.

    • Sounds better than your TV, though still directional.

      Only justifiable buy case is if you want better audio, but refuse to have a proper sound setup.

      Could be a room layout issue, or maybe your girlfriend hates the look of the speakers and forbids you from using them in the main lounge su ultimately you have a good 7.2 setup in your tiny man-room that you don't really get to use because it looks like you're actively avoiding her.

      Or you know, other reasons

  • $1200 for a soundbar ?.

    How does one even go about comparing the sound quality of such in stores ??

  • just bought Samsung Q990b for $1257 price match at JBHIFI and use the woolworth GC 20x points promo

    quite happy with it, still figuring out where and how i put the satellite speaker.


  • Completely disappointed with Bose's Product design, Music app and technical support

    I bought Bose 900 soundbar and subwoofer after doing so much research. I bought it on Sunday afternoon thinking it would take a couple of minutes to set up and we could watch a good movie on Atmos. I started the setup and after identifying the Boss soundbar through the app, it started upgrading the system (No option to do it later…really….). I waited for an hour didn't work. I started googling the solution and Boss recommended doing a reset…reset started but now the Boss remote stopped working and now the update went into a stage where I couldn't do anything without a remote. Australian call centre only operates Monday to Friday 9-5 so I tried chat support..after 30 minutes of chat tech reported that their update server was down so trying tomorrow morning. The next day morning after 16 hours, I tried but had no luck. I called Australian support and the girl asked a few questions and shamelessly asked me to return it as there are no solutions for this issue. Thank you JB for giving me another replacement I tried again today and the same issue. Called Australian support again and found out the server is still down and I can't link my Bose soundbar to the tv until the server will be back again….really…….I would rather compromise with sound instead of spending $$$$ for a product that has poor quality design and support…. DO NOT BUY THIS SOUNDBAR

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