Just Found a Bank Cheque in My Drawer from 2015. Can I Still Cash It?

Spring cleaning and found a bank cheque from 2015 which i must have forgotten to cash at the time. Can I still cash it, or would the bank have returned the funds back to the account holder after a certain amount of time? Or has the bank pocketed the funds hoping I never cash it?


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    When May a Cheque be Dishonoured or Payment Refused?
    At the bank’s discretion, a cheque may be dishonoured or payment refused where:

    • there are insufficient funds in the account of the drawer;
    • the cheque is unsigned;
    • the cheque is more than 15 months old;
    • the cheque is future dated;
    • the cheque has been materially altered and the alteration has not been signed;
    • there is a legal impediment to payment;
    • the cheque has been stopped; or
    • the paying bank has been notified of the mental incapacity, bankruptcy or death of the drawer.


    Check with your personal bank.

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      This is a bank cheque though, not a personal cheque…

  • Thanks for the info, that seems pretty clear.

    Do you think if I gave ANZ the cheque, they would be able to look use the numbers on the cheque to give me the name of who sent me the money. Then I'd be able to look back through my records and hopefully work out what it was from.

    • look back through my records

      Why don't you look up by date ?

      • i did in fact do just that, no invoices for that amount in June. Must have been a non-business transaction

  • Who is the cheque from? Some random vendor, a big corporation, your mum? If it's at the bank's discretion then it may matter.

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      Who is the cheque from?

      a bank

    • Doesn't have the payers name, only the bank. Has the bank branch location, which narrows it down a bit. It's likely from a family member, but would be nice to confirm..

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        Is the family member Nana?

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    What's the value of the cheque?

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    Havent you watched Seinfeld?

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    It only takes a few seconds to deposit a cheque these days through your bank app. Why not deposit it and see what happens.

    • How is it done? You enter the cheque's number or something?

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        Fold it up and put it where the sim card goes

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          Instructions not clear, my junk now has 5g.

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        Usually you take a photo of the front and back of the cheque - so pretty much yes
        (although I prefer @elgrande 's method much better 😂)

  • OP, you can't "cash" ANY bank cheque.

    You can deposit it. There may be a more involved payment process because its 7 years old, or they may not even notice that, or care, given that its a cheque drawn on the bank's own account. Unless there's a good reason it will be honoured.

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