Smart Door Lock Options for 2022

Hi all

We currently have two locks on our front door, one keyed dead bolt and then a standard handle with a latch that you turn through 90 degrees to unlock and lock from the inside.

My wife finds it difficult to turn the little latch because of ongoing pain in her fingers and so we are looking to replace it with a smart lock. This may require a new front door if the handle alone can't be replaced which is ok.

Just wondering what the decent options are these days. Not really thought about whether straight biometric is the best option, (family of 4 with visitors from time to time), or one with a code that can be changed if and when needed.

We have Google Nest Hub Max setup in the kitchen with kids having minis in their rooms for music but that's about all so far in terms of automation (if that makes a difference in any choice when it comes to locks). I am thinking of getting some smart plugs before too long so I can turn the crap off in the kids rooms that they constantly leave on should that also be worth factoring in for a bigger solution.

Any ideas from the tech savvy out there would be great.



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    We have gainsborough freestyle - can set up permanent & temp user codes. Works with Google home (and alexa)

    Doesnt have a FOB or bio metrics but works via app, key & hey google are enough for us.

    Get a WiFi bridge (sold separately) for access when away from home/lock, else it works with Bluetooth

    • Thanks, will add it to the start of the comparison list.

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    Got a "eufy Security Wi-Fi Smart Lock Touch" recently and happy with it.. Also, I installed it myself.. First time doing such stuff.. :)

    • I also got this, earlier this year, and it's great. We had a locksmith coming anyway, in a new house, so we got them to install.

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    We have the Lockly Secure Plus, which comes in a latch or deadbolt version. Available at bunnings, amazon etc…

    Love it, Fingerprint, code and a key as a backup. Responsive. Recommended

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    The only drawback with smart locks is that they tend not to be double deadbolts (can't lock from the inside). This may actually void some insurance policies!

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      This is important information!

    • Presumably we can keep the deadbolt we have though and then just add with a smart lock. The key opening deadbolt isn't the issue for the wife.

      Or both new if we replace the door as well.

    • I dont think it will void the insurance policy unless you fail to disclose. you could have a slightly higher premium

      • Yes, obviously

  • Have a look at a Schlage Encode. Super well built, combines it all in to one.

    Really easy single press latch to enter (we also have issues with hands and pressure) can be depressed by wrist, elbow, carton of milk whatever. The deadbolt lock from the inside is a single flick, or can be done with voice control or a smart phone from anywhere.

    Code can be set for various users and you can monitor whoever uses that code and when (good for checking when the cleaners arrived and departed etc..) or for letting people in remotely.

    Syncs with google home, alexa, ring etc.. ecosystems and voice commands pretty well.

    • I like the sound of this, thanks.

  • Various Schlage models here. They are quality products and generally cheap on Amazon or Bunnings deals.

    Found everyone was using or misplacing cards/tokens, so just use PIN codes setup for everyone and a guest code for family.

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    I have the Yale Unity Entrance Lock. can recommend.

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    Got the Aqara A100 installed recently. It can use your fingerprint, passcode, NFC card (not included in mine) or spare key to unlock the smart lock. Also works with Apple HomeKey so you can use your iPhone to unlock the door as well. Battery lasts about one and a half to two years. It’ll notify you via the app when the battery is low apparently.

    The smart lock is able to set different fingerprints, different passcode for each household member and you can give temporary one time use passwords to guests as well.

    The app for the smart lock has all the usual features such as checking to see if the door locked or not, notify you with who’s entered the house through the fingerprint/passcode used to unlock the door etc.

    Only con with the lock is that the smart lock is not waterproof.

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