DNS Error with Leaptel


Moved my NBN 50/20 (FTTN) to Leaptel from Superloop about a month ago and for the past two weeks+ have been getting the following error for every website I try to access.

"This site can’t be reached
www.google.com’s DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem.

It happens on all devices connected to the wifi- and randomly happens maybe once or twice an hour for 5-10 mins.
I have contacted them and changed the DNS server (, and etc), reset the modem and set up everything again, activated SRA, Flushed the DNS Cache, network adapters are up to date. Router is Archer VR600

They don't seem to know what's going on as nothing is showing up on their end. I didn't have this issue with Superloop once in the 6 months I was with them.

Is my only option to just switch out or does anyone know a fix?

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  • Contact ISP, had something like this , had to replace NBN modem

  • Cheap ISPs are cheap :/

    • No they are not, they are just cheaper…

    • Leaptel from my experience over 5 years they are fantastic. Always reliable speeds and the one time I had an issue, the wait on tech support was short and the guy actually knew what he was doing and not just reading a pdf.

  • +1

    Have you tried doing a tracert in command line to see at which point it fails?

    If the trace route fails when still in your network, then you know it's something to do with your set up.

    If it goes to Leaptel and then fails, then it's something on their end, you can pass on the last server details to them, and let them escalate it further up the chain as the front line tech wouldn't be able to resolve this.

  • try setting up at your PC's network adapter and check whether it solves the issues

    • have already done this and on the router aswell

      • that's weird, try chatting with customer support, they are in Aus and helpful. I don't have any issues with the same package on FTTC, even full IPv6 is working for me (need to enable IPv6 on control panel).

  • Try superloop

  • Do you have any firewalls or content filtering enabled ? If you don't use a pihole or any other dedicated device then disable any site security and content filtering settings on your router and see if you still get this error.

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    changed the DNS server (, and etc)

    If this didn't solve the issue, then I'd be moving ISP. It is possibly some weird routing problem.

  • I’ve heard (although never observed myself) that some ISPs reroute known dns addresses to their own dns servers. You could try a less well known DNS service and see if that fixes the issue. Probably a long shot, but who knows!

  • Try turning off CGNAT, I think leaptel uses that and it could be worth giving a shot.

  • If you haven't already, please contact support. It sounds like the router is caching DNS badly after the switch and it might be trying to use the old RSP's DNS and ignoring the settings you've set.

    You probably want to factory reset it, but speak to support. They'll run you through a few things (its why they exist!).

    • I just re-read your post and said you've already been speaking to support. If you can, send me a private message with your account details and I'll look into your situation further.

      We don't have DNS or routing issues so I am surprised you are having this problem.

  • Hi, is your issue resolved as I am currently with Superloop and Leaptel is one of my considerations to move to, after reading this I am a bit hesitant to go ahead.

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