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iPhone 14 Plus 128GB $1527, 256GB $1695 or $1697 + Free Delivery @ Catch


Apple iPhone 14 Plus 128GB and 256GB models are $50 less than current market price at catch. Price includes delivery.

I think the other iPhone models are also on reduced price but couldn’t find the link while posting this.

Price beat with office works for another 5% discount. Got the iPhone 14 Plus 128GB for $1450 at officeworks yesterday.

Update: No free delivery (now costs $9.95). Offer is expired. Free delivery with OnePass still available.

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    Not to be a bummer, wouldn’t it be a better deal to grab one of the last remaining 13 pro max’s with the discounted ultimate gift cards from Cole’s?

    E.g. 13 pro max is $1649 from JB green/sierra blue, after 15% is $1401.65.

    Objectively it is a superior device

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      Agreed. I always stay at least a generation behind, you still get that new phone feeling. Currently rocking a brand new 12 pro max, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this phone.

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        your rocking a 2 gen behind phone

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        Nothing wrong with iphone xs too.

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          Nothing wrong with iPhone X too.

          • @sicaboy: I have an IPhone 7. Gonna upgrade soon to 14 but not buying it outright.

            • @Thrifty Dan: Are you not purchasing outright due to lump sum? I thought the days of getting cheaper phones on a plan were gone

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                @original15: Not paying outright if the fees and interest of the credit card I pay are higher than the discount. I understand there are other options like Afterpay etc, but it’s still a lot of money not worth the saving If I don’t have it straight away. I actually need 2X iPhone 14 for me and the Missus to replace an iPhone 7 and 8.

                • @Thrifty Dan: may as well wait for 15 now, usb-c incoming

                • @Thrifty Dan: All good, thought there might have been some offers I hadn’t spotted 👍🏻

                  • @original15: I should have done the optus deal with an Apple Watch (2X free!) for each phone some weeks ago.

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        I still have my iPhone 11 Pro, awesome phone.

        That's the great thing about iphones, their CPU's are very overpowered and the software updates are usually around 5-6 years of support so the biggest limiting factor is just your battery life, the phone can easily keep up and do everything just as fast as the new ones.

    • agreed, even can be had for $1100 on the used market

  • Its a pity they stuck with a 60hz display on this one.
    Agree that getting the 13 pro max is the right call

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