Qantas vs Velocity Points Value

A family member wants to trade a 100k velocity points for 100k qantas points is this a fair trade 1:1 or should it be 2:1 velocity points for 1 qantas point.

Yes I hate qantas aswell in particular their stingy release of international seats,I just want some intelligent feedback please.


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    They’re 1:1, so yep, fair trade. But if anything, Velocity points are a little more valuable at the moment given their better award seats availability.

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      Not sure I agree with this statement. More availability to Europe in business class, not so to the USA in business

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        Fair call, my recent experience is with booking to Europe so YMMV.

      • yeah i'm headed to the US via singapore because there's just zero availability direct w/ united in business

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      I'd agree that it's 1:1.

      Although the Velocity points i have at the moment are pretty useless on domestic tickets (no business class seats are showing up).

      Meanwhile Qantas' availability is great, picked up a couple Perth to Sydney's as reward seats - and they weren't even red eyes!

      Mind you, if i were travelling internationally i'd use velocity due to their access to Singapore Airlines.

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    What is fair depends on what you want to use the points for, where you want to fly, when you want to fly, which FF program has seats available, how many points you already have in each FF program.

    I value them at 1:1 and it's best to have a stash of both as seat availability is better on one over the other depending on the destination, date and time you want to fly.

  • The way I see it, Velocity points are harder to earn so I personally would trade maybe 0.75 Velocity point for 1 QFF point.

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    1:1 is fair in a trade.

    The relative value will depend on how the person getting them plans to use them. So many variables to consider. If collecting outside of the trade, good to have a collection of both.

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    I always like to compare gift card redemption for things like this:

    For example (excluding promos/sales):

    * 20,299 Velocity points gets you a $100 Coles gift card
    * 21,020 Qantas points gets you a $100 Wish (Woolworths) gift card

    * 20,299 Velocity points gets you a $100 Bunnings gift card
    * 24,380 Qantas points gets you a $100 Bunnings gift card

    1:1 is pretty close.

  • 1 Joyce point : 0.8 Hrdlicka point I’d say.

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    Both have their pros and cons. Honours even.

    1 to 1 is about right.

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