Gold Coast accommodation and theme park passes

Hi guys,

Bought jetstar tickets for the family in Nov before school holidays start… Nov 11 till 15.
Need to find accommodation which is good and best ban for buck.

Having a holiday 4yrs so want something nice!

Can anyone please recommend stay cose t theme parks?


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    While you on the Gold coast, go to the shopping Pacific Fair, buy your theme park tickets there, they are much cheaper, and you don't need to be a local to buy them. Tickets are normally 2 for $40 there, versus like idk about $80+ per ticket buying at the gate

    • Awesome Cinderella, Will leave the tickets for there then.
      Appreciate it!

    • Hi Cinderella, Where exactly do you buy the tickets, is it a specific store? Im going up at the end of the month.

  • If you look at trip advisor it says the cheap tickets come with strings attached…

  • Hence why they are getting advice from locals who buy the tickets regularly, have used them multiple times and know they work

  • Thanks so much guys, accommodation is the key now.
    I asked for a few quotes from Stayz etc but very high given the offpeak period before schoolies..

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