Anyone have a 15.4" laptop LCD for a bargain? Or an i5 2nd Gen for sale?

Hey all—

My laptop backlight has been acting up recently and it seems like the inverter I purchased off of eBay worked at first but I'm noticing lots of odd things. My keyboard is missing keystrokes, the mouse is fidgety and laggy, my brightness function keys no longer work and the backlight doesn't work on batteries. I suspect the inverter is incompatible with the LCD and I'm asking for a replacement but I've also read that the CCFL could be wonky or even something on the mobo is dying / gone bad.

All my parts are back home in the US so I can't do all the proper tests to diagnose the issue, I just know for a fact that this inverter is not going to work with my LCD. The machine is a Dell Inspiron E1505, if anyone has some Dell parts or an extra 15.4" LCD laying around that I could test with I'd be very grateful and if I can get something working would for sure want to buy them!

I've been looking at picking up a 2nd gen i5 but nothing in my price range quite yet (~$450 or 500 max if it's really nice), kinda was hoping for the prices to come down a bit and for Centrecom to have a blow out!

Thanks for any help you can offer!



  • looking to sell my laptop, HP dv6 3131tx, 1gb gfx but first gen i5 though.

  • Toshiba C665, 1gb gfx (GT315M), 2nd gen i5, very good condition, ~5months old

  • got one u can have for $60
    you in sydney

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