This was posted 9 years 6 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Lonely Planet - 50% off All Print and Digital Titles + Free Postage


This is the best discount Lonely Planet has ever offered! Discount applies to RRP.

Offer not available on pre-orders and bundles. Offer ends 11am 19th July. Maximum 10 products per order. Offer excludes delivery charges. Free standard postage is automatically applied to all book orders from Australia over $60.

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    Details of the cashback please?

    • Doesn't look like LP have an affiliate programme anymore.

  • Does not combine with the July 30% off sale.

  • 50% off applies to the RRP not the current price.

    So for eg, when I add one of the travel guides currently selling for $34.99 (retails $49.99), it becomes $25 once I apply the code

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    Hmm, I look up the price of an eBook (PDF) and indeed I get 50% off. Price is about 7.5USD.

    Then I change the country of delivery to AUS and the price jumps to about 12.5AUD (but still 50% off).

    So I wonder if I can just leave the country of delivery as USA and checkout. No luck, the delivery address expected for a credit card is in the US. Presumably they will check the delivery country if I use Paypal.

    How can they justify different prices when the delivery is electronic? Sounds like Australians are getting ripped off for books again.

    Maybe I'll buy the Kindle version for $10. AFAIK Amazon doesn't discriminate on Kindle editions.

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      Let me preface this by saying I am not a role model.

      When there is a completely baseless disparity like this for digital editions, I will often download the product illegally & shoot off an anonymous email to the author/distributor telling them what I have done & why!

      I do this for movies where we get stiffed on release dates in comparison to the rest of the world too coughGreen Lanterncough! :D

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        Yeah that's wrong… but I felt I needed to vote you up for that idea.

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        i would cough too, green lantern was a horrible movie

        • i would cough too, green lantern was a horrible movie

          LOL, yeah it wasn't great. It was, however, still better than the new Star Trek! ;)

      • I just left Lonely Planet an email saying there was a problem with their website and that I won't be buying another Lonely Planet guide until it is fixed. When is the ACCC going to start to do something about this over charging? It is so wide spread.

  • Thanks for this…was planning on buying a few for USA but they were/are so expensive now got 3 for 1!!!

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      now got 3 for 1!!!

      shame they don't to maths guides…

  • I'm not seeing the free postage show up. Trying to charge me $6.90.

    • Are you buying > $60?

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        Nope. Sorry, I looked at the title only. My bad.
        The title should possibly be adjusted, though. Maybe:

        50% off RRP on All Print and Digital Titles + Free Postage above $60

  • Great post - picked up 3 books!

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    got me very excited about travel again, but checked South East Asia on a Shoestring discounted on the lonely planet site [22.50], and book depository beat it by $1.15 [21.35]

    ooh and shipping if I was only buying the one? LP total 29.40.

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    always check first!

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    I borrow travel guides from the local library for free :)

    • I'm in Malaysia with a scanned copy of library LP guide on a cheap android phone. But at these prices will download a legitimate version as muzzamo suggests below.

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    If you are buying an ebook, make sure you select United states as your country of delivery. If you pay by paypal, you can then select a United States delivery address in order to make it work (it won't work with an Australian delivery Address)

    I used the postage address for disneyland:

    Disneyland Park 700 W. Ball Road
    Anaheim, CA 92802-1843
    United States

    This resulted in, for example, Lonely Planet Malaysia Singapore and Brunei for USD $8.74 instead of AUD $14.70 after the secretsale code was applied and AUD $20.57 for the original ebook price.

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      I used the postage address for disneyland:

      I hope you tell Mickey & Minnie to keep the bloody noise down at night! ;)

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        Did they ever get married? or are they still living in sin?

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    The markup for aussie price seems excessive.

    It's $9 for the US and $24.95 for oz.

  • I did 2 orders last week with their 30% off sale :(

  • +1 still cheaper for all the ones i looked at (by avg $3 each). and free shipping even if you don't spend $60, so save even more.

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