Best Car Insurance Providers for U25 Drivers

As a younger car enthusiast, I am an insurance company's worst fear and yet their best friend. I'd consider myself a good driver, but even as with a virtually unblemished record, I get excluded from certain insurers and price-gouged by other insurers. This is likely since I'm looking to buy a more sporty model of car. I use RACV at the moment, but they charge an extreme amount for insuring the full value of the vehicle, rather than the "market value".

I'd love input from people younger and not-so-young alike as to their experience with insurance providers, and who are trustworthy. Quotes from AAMI and Allianz are attractive, but reviews show bad customer service.



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    I found AAMI good when I first started, not sure if they have it still but they had a one day program where you take your car and you essentially learn some safety stuff, they help you check your car tyres and let you do a straight stretch accelerating and braking so you know how much further you go beyond first braking.

    After that you get 10% off your insurance and each year an additional discount until 25.

    I had an accident many years later (not at fault) it was relatively easy, got a hire car etc and car write off amount paid within two weeks.

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    If you're looking for a lower premium, have you looked at ROLLiN' Problem with any type of insurance is you may not find out about customer service until you claim, which you're hoping to avoid. If you care about the quality of repairs, choose an insurer that offers choice of (any) repairer. Likely a higher premium but a more satisfactory outcome as you'll get to trade with a top-shelf repairer.

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      I’m with Rollin - 29 year old male, brand new car. They were the cheapest quote by almost $500/year for me. Underwritten by IAG so should be just fine.

      • $800 flat rate excess.

        No thanks.

  • Buy a less sporty car and get 3rd party property. That way the dollars you save on premiums can go towards a better car when you're less of an insurance risk.

  • Do what everyone does and put it under your parents' insurance (assuming they have good records)

  • Mum and Dad, as a named driver under their insurance.

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