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Join & Maintain Extras Cover & Earn 5000 Live Better Points, 2 & 6-Month Waiting Waived on Extras @ Medibank


5000 Live Better points can be used to acquire a $50 gift card if you stick around for at least 28 consecutive days.

Get 100% back on up to two dental check-ups at Members' Choice Advantage dentists.

Get 100% back on optical at recognised providers up to annual limits. For example, at Specsavers you could get 2 pairs no gap, "2 designer pairs from the $249 single-vision range, no gap."

It appears the minimum financial commitment is a fortnight, however your mileage may vary. When I signed up it said fees are billed monthly. Presumably if you cancelled halfway through a given month, you would receive a pro rated refund.

For new members on new memberships who join and start eligible extras cover from 12 January 2023 and who have not held Medibank health cover in previous 60 days (unless they are a dependent coming off their parent’s cover). Must quote promo code EXTRAPOINTS when joining. Excludes Corporate covers, Hospital Cover, Accident Cover, Ambulance Cover, Overseas Visitors Health Insurance, Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC), Working Visa Health Insurance, ahm covers and other selected covers. Not available to Medibank employees. Not available with any other offer. We reserve the right to amend these offer terms and conditions at any time without notice. 2&6 month waits waived on extras terms: 2&6 month waiting periods on extras waived. Other waiting periods apply (including 12 months on some dental services). If you're switching from another fund and you've used any of your current limits (at that fund), that will count towards your annual limits with us. If you’ve reached your limits at your previous fund, you may not be able to claim straight away. Live Better Points terms: Must remain up-to-date with premium payments and hold eligible product for 28 consecutive days from the policy start date to receive Live Better points. The points will not be issued if you change to an ineligible cover, terminate your cover or suspend your cover during this period. Policyholder will require access to a smartphone and will need to download either the Live Better stand-alone app or the My Medibank App and track any Live Better activity within 28 days after the policy start date. Must be 18 years or over and have a valid Australian residential address to register for Medibank Live Better. Policyholder will need to have registered a My Medibank account and linked their My Medibank account with their Live Better account within 28 days after the policy start date. Live Better points could take up to 8 weeks from the policy start date to be loaded to the policyholder’s Live Better account. Singles, single parents, families and couples will receive 5,000 Live Better Points. Live Better Rewards terms: Must be a Medibank member with eligible hospital cover, extras cover, or hospital and extras cover, be up-to-date with premium payments and have signed up to Medibank Live Better with ‘My Medibank’ or have linked their MyMedibank account with their Live Better account to redeem rewards. Additional terms and conditions may apply to the redemption of a reward depending on the type of reward chosen. Read full Medibank Live Better terms here: https://www.medibank.com.au/livebetter/rewards/terms/

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    (profanity) medibank

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    I prefer actually live better, without my info in hackers' hands.

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    • How is that comparable to this deal? It requires signing up to Hospital cover in addition to Extras.

      What I've posted is better suited if you are looking to purchase Extras cover for a limited period of time to take advantage of the services available with no waiting period (and potentially no gap). The main appeal is the waived 2 and 6 month waiting periods and minimum financial outlay.

      I don't care if people want to dump on Medibank, but your link is not a comparable offer. It involves paying full price for the first 42 days of your cover to get the next 6 weeks free. Hardly a deal in my opinion unless you were actually intending to pay for Medibank extras long term in the first place (which no one in their right mind should be doing).

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    hardly a deal.

    also you'd be joining a company that literally does not care about protecting your personal data.

    • +6

      like pretty much every fund

    • I took advantage of this offer.

      So far I have:
      - Paid $75 for a month of premiums for my spouse and I
      - Purchased contact lenses and claimed $200 back
      - Seen the dentist x2 (spouse and I) which is worth a pretty penny, let's say $200 each conservatively
      - My wife is getting acupuncture which will pay $75 back

      So for a total outlay of $75 I have a total savings of $675. And that's still leaving money on the table.

      Hardly a deal indeed…

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    These guys make Optus look like amateur data leakers

  • Hi OP, whos the best dental insurance?

    • +2

      IMO, Mildura, maybe HIF if you're young and less likely to utilise major dental.

    • Smile dental cover technically not insurance though

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    Copy and pasted from a different post:

    My grandma is with Medibank and I'm her authorised representative, I received a letter last week saying that the following types of data have been stolen, and released on the dark web:
    * first and last name
    * gender
    * DOB
    * email
    * address
    * phone #
    * policy #

    Then they give me a bunch of usesless tips like changing PWs and phishing attacks and suspicious numbers and emails. Yes, very helpful.

    And then they tell me to use their Cyber Response Program which is completely useless. Then there's more useless Goverment advice, and numbers for Lifeline and Beyond Blue (great services btw, but not gonna help get my data back). I don't even use Medibank, I'm just an authorised rep for my grandma. And now all my shit is stolen.


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        My grandma is 93 so I manage all her shit including Centrelink, bank accounts etc. Get it?

        • -7

          do you have that in writing?

          • +3

            @askbargain: What the (profanity) do you think? Go ask your braindead questions elsewhere

        • -5

          Do you manage her will as well?

          • @nightelves: Yeah mate, I'm gonna run away with her thousands of dollars, next to no assets, and move to Monte Carlo to live the baller lifestyle

    • +2

      Completely agree, least Optus was raked over the coals for what they did. I'm with Medibank and move to AHM and they have just been useles and no one seemed to care

      Yeah we lost your data, here are some generic stuff you can do about it and unless the data lost Medibank feels was important, we aren't doing anything for you. Good luck

      • Yo isn't medibank and ahm the same company?

      • Medibank owns AHM

        • +5

          Dude left medibank to to join a medibank subsidiary lol

          • +1

            @rosebank: Yeah I should have been more specific, I left Medibank and move to AHM before all of this so I'm getting useless emails from both companies

      • Feeling the same.. will leave Medibank as soon as someone finds me a good deal.

        • I've been with Bupa my whole life, and they add to your extras every year, which I have maxxed out. Not sure is if there are any good deals, but I'm too lazy to change and and my Extras cover is very generous, especially major dental.

          • +1

            @rosebank: Keep an eye on your hospital cover with Bupa though. They are slowly cutting back on what would be standard on other funds from their lower tiered plans.

            • @Sammyboy: I have the higher tired cover so Ill have a check, but if the difference isn't too much I can't be bothered

      • I hate to break it to you, but the Government is no better. There simply isn't a sufficient response mechanism in place Australia-wide. Neither private nor public sector. Note, I'm a Medibank member and had all my data and my family's data in that breach. But I've also had my ATO account stolen through a fake MyGov (2FA be damned when they use a fake MyGov…), and I know how poor the government is at helping.

    • +1

      They weren't even willing to spend $1 pretty member to try and get the data back. It shows how much they value their customers once they're signed up.

  • Any recommendation for optical and dental insurance? - was thinking of medibank but now not so much

    • Depends if you are looking to hold it long term.

      I couldn't find any other providers who are offering waived waiting periods on extras only at the moment.

      • Yes, I am 'hoping' to hold long term

        Waiting period is not dealbreaker for me but if its waived then awesome

        • +1

          To be honest, self insuring is probably the highest NPV option, unless you think that you will have a lot of dental work coming up for whatever reason.

          Generally speaking, extras cover works out to be a fancy allied health savings plan with a fat chunk taken out for the shareholders. You could pay the premium into a separate saver account and pay for services out of that and most likely come out ahead.

    • -1

      Police Health if you're eligible.

      • Yes, their Rolling Extras is Rolls-Royce in extras covers, $3,000 limit on dental, no gap on dental scale and clean. $350 optical… But you pay $1k+ annually, unless it's part of company's benefit.

        • You also get unlimited ambulance cover.

          No company pays for it, it's only for eligible people, such as police officers and emergency services and their families. Not even the government will pay for it for their employees.

          • @Aliensf: Yes, I agree the cover is very good, if not the best. I just wonder who'll take up this cover, unless you anticipate to make use of it a lot, genuine question.

            BTW, I didn't neg you.

            • @O O: I guess those who take up the cover are those who are eligible for it, I know quite a few people who have the extra's for themselves as its not too expensive, no one ever complained about having the best of something. Family Extra's and Hospital it starts getting rather expensive though.

    • The usual big ones, Bupa, HCF (you will get flybuys points), NIB, Qantas (which is NIB but at least you get Qantas points). Teachers health if you are a teacher, defence health if you or family member is in defence force.

  • Gift card options are also terrible. From memory its a single use code at Brooks online (shoes) or amcal chemist (very few of them and 50% more expensive than chemist warehouse) and maybe one other online store i have never heard of.

    • The gift card options aren’t exactly popular for OzBargain’s standards…

      • Adidas
      • Amcal
      • Brooks
      • Fitbit
      • HelloFresh
      • Onsport
      • The Fast 800 online program

      The issue with the Amcal gift card option - besides the fact that I swear the Amcal network is shrinking - is that they’re actually single-use vouchers and no charge is given (and I found this out the hard way… but I only lost 5c, so I wasn’t overly bothered). Oh, you also cannot redeem Amcal vouchers on the Amcal website.

  • +9

    Can't trust Medibank. They held onto my data way longer than they were legally required to and then leaked it. Fxxx Medibank.

    • +2

      my wife did a quote almost 10 years ago from medibank. And she received a letter for her information leakage. FXXX Medibank

      • my policy ended 15 years ago … and i got the surprise email too
        i had to dig it up just to find that out as i forgot i was once their customer

        then last week another surprise email from mortgage broker … FFS ! All docs / IDs got leaked.

  • Yea Medibank trying to replace some of its lost user base after they decided to give all their exec bonuses after the breach lol

    • Unethical company. Plus, they are continuing to lie about what data was taken. Multiple people have found details of extras claims in the files that are now circulating on the web. We've told Medibank via phone, email etc, including sending them proof, yet they're continuing to to deny extras claims details like psych, dental etc were leaked.

      Plus, the leaked docs include internal documents that shows that they knew about the security problems back in 2018 but obviously hadn't yet fixed them.

  • Neg for obvious reasons

  • Medibank is an awful company

  • -1

    In relation to all the people blaming Medibank for data loss.

    Large organisations have a lot of staff. Large organisations give advice to their staff how they should manage their IT access but it is impossible to police. Hackers only need to access one person in a high enough position who has poor access habits and they have the key to the safe (as seems to be the case with Medibank/AHM).

    I witnessed the worst of examples in schools. One particularly bad case was a teacher who gave his password to kids so they log onto his laptop for him. He had access that gave him full access to the school's marking system and other things. He tried to give me his access. "NO". In other words, there is no doubt that many start seeing bad examples and they take those bad habits with them into employment.

    In another organisation I chatted with someone who was sacked for accessing something he should not have accessed. He confessed to me he didn't do it but figured he would not dob in the person who he gave his password because that would lead to both being sacked. So, the wrong person was sacked. We don't dob in Australia, mate. Twisted loyalty.

    Then you get slack staff in IT. "Fred the IT guy is a riot during our extended lunches at the pub. He's a great guy". That may be but he may be useless at his job after lunch. Maybe its not that bad. Maybe Fred was only thinking about one of his family members suffering cancer or how to make up for the argument with his wife that morning or any of a number of other personal problems we all face from time to time.

    That systemic weaknesses and human failures exist everywhere doesn't make it any easier to accept invasions of your privacy. Medibank as an organisation should have taken greater care but so should almost every other employee in most organisations. The reality is most of the data stolen is probably already available to hackers via other breaches.

    In one case it two two years for an Excel discussion forum to tell me they had a breach affecting my data. I consider the slow advice far worse than Medibank's failure. How many companies don't report breaches because of the expected backlash stirred up by controversy_stirring media?

    Summing up: blame the hackers, not their victims. Human failure is a part of life. Despite individual failures below them, responsibility (as opposed to blame) always goes to the top of the organisation. Don't let the words above stand in the way of you joining in on legal action if you suffered material damage.

    The bad news is hacks are becoming more common. Complex passwords (one for each site) and 2FA when possible should reduce some of the risk.

    • +1

      Assuming you don't work in an IT company or aren't a IT professional (saying this, if you do then please research more into what I say below)…. access restriction and access escalation processes for if and when escalated privileges are required for each employee are VERY EASILY implemented. This is standard business protocol for anyone who is iso27002 or trying to get there, hell even 27001

      • I do have a background in IT (out of touch now) but don't feel the need to give details here. If you are trying to make a point in opposition to the things in the summary it escapes me. Yes, changes of access are ridiculously easy. So is human error changing access.

        • have a look into how what I mentioned above would have 100% solved this problem or at least mitigated it massively, human error would have been picked up early

          • @quikstix: I wrote script that audited what my staff did. It didn't rule out mistakes but mistakes would have needed to be consistent across a number of systems to escape detection. If they were wrong in one system, supervisors were incorrectly advised of their staff attending. They were my main fail-safe for about 90% of staff. Doing that was "not my job", which points at another issue.

            • @RogerLoger: yea but that's after the fact, easily side stepped and it is not a preventative. What I'm talking about is a preventative and requires verification (with alerting attached) for access elevation for anything containing sensitive data. I dont think you understand what I have said so kind of feel this is a pointless discussion

              • @quikstix: Yes I think we probably agree but came at it from different direction (theory vs practical). It gets back to individuals needing to do what they can to protect personal details and organisations keeping current with security practices (including awareness of holes). After that, hope hackers don't find a method to crack current encryption and hope everyone with high level of access in organisations practices safe habits. Its the last item that worries me the most. Managers aren't all geniuses and are as easily suckered by social engineering as anyone else.

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