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Flexi Retractable Dog Lead Large Tape 8m, Blue $55.89 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU

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Absolutely amazing stuff for curious explorer doggos. Makes walking fun for both the human and the gods… I mean the dogs. If your dog simply follows you or walks by your side, you probably don't need this. My dog likes to mark every single tree and do a lot of sniffing on the grass.

Never seen it cheaper (unless you want to get it from here for $1.77 less, but you'll have to wait 4 to 6 weeks for it to be dispatched). Normally they're between $75 to $90. Note that this is the tape version (the cord version can be found for less). Benefits of the tape version IMO is that it doesn't cause much friction with the doggos tail (and if they have furry tails it doesn't cause matting in the tail nearly as much as the corded version does), it's sturdier, it lasts longer, and it feels much more premium.

You can also buy it in-store for $59.99 from Habitat.
Happy to answer any questions.

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  • Is it safe to use on kids?

    • No use if the kid is not interested in sniffing trees and peeing on bushes.

  • 8M?? what a wild dog.

    • +2

      Trust me, it's a blast to use if your dog likes exploring.

      • It's all about stride maintenance

  • How does it compare to the $8 Kmart one with 5m?


    • +2

      Well, Flexi is made in Germany and is an absolute monster in terms of longevity and the abuse that it takes. I would never trust kmart with this one because a simple malfunction (e.g. the leash not stopping) can lead to very dangerous situations.

    • +4

      The Kmart/Chinese ones won't last long and the springs and switch will start playing up which is annoying.
      When I switched to a German one, it worked like new for years and years.

    • +2

      I had the kmart one and after a using a few times, the end where it is supposed to be tied/sew/glued together come loose. I dont want to imagine if this happen during the dog walking/running especially next to a road :(

  • +2

    I've used 5m one on 30kg kelpie and he is still to break it, good product

    • This one is rated at 50kg, but I'm sure it can take on a lot more.

  • +1

    Might depend on the size of the dog, but I've found cords are better than tapes for dog leads. Flexi make a corded version and it's ace.

    • +1

      Definitely depends on the dog. I have both and prefer tape as the tape has more weight and retraction is a bit stronger. Doggo feels the tape more and knows to not bolt too far or fast. The cord is lighter and can get tangled more easily but will feel more free for the dog.

      Can also attest to Made In Germany quality of the brand. I'd like it more if it was more compact and the bag holder wasn't so bulky. They have an XS size that's a good compact size but can be small for some hands and therefore not as comfortable to hold.

      • I'd like it more if it was more compact

        The 5m one is much more compact.

      • +1

        Agree with the quality, my dogs are medium. Corded one is a beast, never tangles, have had it for ages

  • +7

    Man these things piss me off so much. People always using them on shared paths with themselves on one side and their dog wandering off to the other side, making it dangerous for cyclists and outright annoying for other people. Some lady walks past my house every day and lets her dog just about come up to our front door on it.

    Just me? I have a dog, but I keep it under control as I’m supposed to. Doesn’t matter if it’s on a lead if it’s running around a 20m circle…it’s not under control.

    Sorry…but I hate these things.

    • +5

      Man these things piss me off so much.

      The problem is with the person using it then, not the lead…

      • -1

        True. does that kind of person gravitate towards this sort of lead though?

        • +1

          not really…

          they'd probably still have issues with non-retractable leads….

          • @jv: But their non-retractable lead probable isn't 8m long…so somewhat of a damage control.

            • +1

              @Banj0: It just needs to be long enough to cross a path to cause problems.

              • @jv: Oh I dunno…I've left the path to avoid somebody with one of these, and their dog has simply moved even further off the path. Because they could.

                • +1


                  Because they could.

                  My dog can't. I decide when and for how long she can roam. You can control via the switch and prevent the lead from extending.

                  Maybe they had a cheap chinese lead?

      • +2

        100%. Dogs dont just need physical exercise but also mental exercise. These leads allow dogs to explore more, sniff around and other things a dog likes to do. I personally feel sorry for those dogs that you see walking and it moves a few inches away from its owner and it gets yanked back beside. Its exercising its legs, awesome, it could do that walking around its backyard. If people are careless when using the leads then they are the stupid ones.

        Now owners that pick up the poo and then throw the bag down along with it, now thats what gets me going….

        • +4


          When I walk my dog, that is her free time, not mine…

          As long as she's not bothering anyone, I let her do what she wants and take her time.

          • +1


            When I walk my dog, that is her free time, not mine…

            100% agree.

    • +1

      Next time she does it, just let her know you've had the place baited for rats and that the dog ought to steer clear. You'll never see her on your side of the street again.

  • +1

    Just a reminder that these leads can be incredibly dangerous for dogs (and people) and are not recommended by many vets. I'd steer clear and just walk your dog like a normal person with a normal leash.

    • +2

      can be incredibly dangerous for dogs

      only if you don't use the lead properly.

      • -5

        Typical smug and ill-informed JV reply.
        If you bothered to read up on them you would see there is a variety of problem with these leads even if you do use them "properly". Not only is malfunction a common problem, but they also teach dogs bad walking habbits.

        • +2

          Not only is malfunction a common problem

          Not with a good quality one…

          Maybe with a cheap chinese one there are problems.

        • +1

          teach dogs bad walking habbits.

          are you an expert on how dogs should walk?

    • +1

      and just walk your dog like a normal person

      these are used by normal people.

      lots of non-normal people using non-retractable leads too…

      • -3

        You'd know all about non-normal, we all know that much

        • +2

          Based on your comments, you think you know more

    • +1

      Yes, and take your dog to an obedience club or classes, and the first thing you'll be told is to buy a different lead.

      • +2

        my dog likes to sniff trees during walks to see when her friends have visited.

        • Wee-mail.

          • +1

            @Banj0: piss-m-s

  • I'll just leave this here - seems like solid advice…


  • +1

    I have an 8m taped version
    99% of the time it has been great
    When you know they will run to end of spool hold your arm back and arrest them slowly
    But if you don’t control your dog properly and I appreciate the comments above or aren’t prepared you can have issues

    My one time problem was a formally dislocated shoulder and a very windy day causing her to change direction 3 times and go exactly the wrong way. Popping should heard and on my back on the floor whimpering, she was very apologetic but I should have been prepared

    Not suitable with kids or older/people unsteady on their feet

    PS I have a 9m lead, tied loops as handles every 2m, works for me

    • +2

      To be fair, I use a training style lead - double ended etc. Long (but not retractable lead long). My wife has had a similar issue when a cat jumped out from behind a bush and enticed our dog to lunge. We use a harness too, so he can pull pretty hard if you only have it attached to the back.

      I can only imagine what it might be like if he'd had 5 metres run up though.

  • Hmmm retractable leashes are often useless for good walking behaviour and get chomped through by anything bigger than a medium size dog in a few seconds.
    In my opinion a front pull harness and a heavy duty 3M lead is going to give you much better results for your furry friend walks.

  • +1

    Every dog is different, most people walking their dogs are different. All equipment will not work for all. Use an equipment that works for you and your dog.

    This deal maybe good for someone that is happy to use it and have experience using such long and retractable leads.

    My dog and I are happy with our 6 feet leather leash. And yes I agree, walking is for the dog not for me, I’ll run/walk instead later for myself.

  • $10 Aldi version does fine for my cocker spaniel, but he's fairly placid. I can see these being useful if you have a large / unpredictable dog.

  • +1

    Great piece of gear!!! The only brand I will buy for these leads.

    I have had my first one for years. It is the only brand I will use.

    OMG - People control how the lead lengthens or doesn't. Easy really. Train your dogs.

  • +1

    I have been using this over 4 years for my dog. Still works perfectly, Best Retractable Dog Lead I have used.

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