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Diablo 3 $47.47 - Wii Music $3.33 - Gears Of War wallet $0.97 - BeatTheBomb.com.au


We're a new site and wanted to offer the OzBargain community some… bargains. :)
Hope these are relevant to your interests :)

Diablo 3 - $47.47
Gears of War wallet - $0.97
Wii Music - $3.33

Would appreciate any feedback about the site, and ways we can improve. Huge fan of OzBargain, and love to hear what people think of the site.

We've only been live for 48 hours, so please excuse any teething issues you may come across!


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  • Diablo 3 - AUD $49.97 (including shipping).

    Easily the best Diablo 3 deal around. Great site Wade - beatthebomb - will look out for more deals from you guys :D

    Any COD : MW deals please :D


      Thanks! 'Bomb Deals' will rotate as others explode :) I'm really happy to hear you like it!

      • -2 votes

        break out the Gears of War wallet when you're renewing your bangbros subscription.

  • awesome price for D3

  • nice deals, that nes messenger bag is tempting too!

    • Indeed, but It doesn't mention is size anywhere. I would love it for uni, but I don't wanna buy it and my textbooks dont fit.

  • Argh…. I just bought Diablo 3 from ozgameshop two days ago…

    Yep, better deal will only show up after you paid.

  • I bought it earlier for $69 @ DSE like several weeks ago. Why did you only come out now whyyyy BEATTHEBOMB!

    Start selling some Dr Dre Beats too probably. Haha.

  • no ABN? I can't find it easily. Web only it seems, but where are they based?

    • Looks like they are based in Adelaide (from their shipping info). I couldn't find their ABN either.

    • +3 votes

      Fixed! I've put this info in the 'About Us' section. It's on our order forms as well.
      ABN - 35 154 348 295 btw.
      We are based in Adelaide :)
      Cheers, Wade

  • Good deals site over; eg. mw3 for $33
    Heads up though, your 'trading cards' section seems to be full of plush toys ;) was expecting some reasonably prices pokemon or magic cards

  • Good site - just put an order through. I enjoyed the sense of humour as much as the prices! Made the experience that little bit more fun. :)


      Thank you for being one of our first customers! Glad you like the quirkiness :) Cheers, Wade

  • A little bit of feedback for you. Loving the design of the site, nice and easy to browse though would appreciate some sorting options especially to help finding the bargains eg. sort by price, name. Also wouldnt mind having some of the dimensions of the bags available so i know if i can fit my laptop/uni folders etc.
    Congrats on finally being an aussie store with reasonable postage charges, seems like its usually free or way overpriced!!!!

    • +1 vote

      Thanks Jonas! Glad to hear the site is functioning OK :) We want to be open and accessible, so we have our own phone number and live chat available throughout the day, as well as offering overnight delivery on in-stock products (via express postage), which is difficult for overseas based sites.

      I'll measure some of the bags up, and put some dimensions. I agree they should be on there so people can see what they fit. Will try and get some dimensions up tomorrow. Cheers, Wade

  • EDIT: Nevermind. >.<

  • Ordered a copy of diablo3 wade was very helpful. Thanks again +rep

    • Just ordered! How come you ask for Bank name?


        Cool! Thanks for being one of our first customers! It's part of the security check at the moment, but will review how necessary it is. Cheers, Wade


      Thanks for your kind words! Hope you enjoy your game! Cheers, Wade

  • Deals say they are expired now.

  • is this expired ?
    rep can you please explain how the bomb works? ie: COTD from 12-12 the next day
    this one start from 19/07 but now is expired?


      Bomb Deals will be set on either a unit quantity (i.e. once sold out) or a time period. Then once a Bomb Deal explodes, another deal will take it's place. We have plenty of cool stuff lined up, so please always check back.

      I think there's still quite a few Diablos left, but people have added them to their carts, which automatically reserves a Bomb Deal. If these people don't complete their carts, they will go back on the site and be available. Cheers, Wade.

  • Also, quick side note, many of the clothing items / socks / etc… don't seem to have sizes listed.

    Items like Diablo 3 are listed in the active bombs area, even though the deal has expired.


      Hi infinite,
      Thanks for the update. Tees' should have their sizes listed, so I'll try and checkout why they're not showing.

      I'll look into getting sizes showing for socks etc as well!

      Thanks for your feedback :) Wade

  • Woohoo, finally some love for PC users.

    Can the MW3 be activated on Steam?

  • Feedback? I would like to have a chance of buying Diablo III. The deal expired within an hour (?), which is really just attention seeking. I don't like it.

    There's also very little detail about other products. For example, the Gears of War Wallet, there's nothing about the manufacturer or dimensions, material. And there's only small pictures.


      Hi mythbrow,
      I'm really sorry that you missed out :( There's actually still a few people who haven't completed their carts yet, so they might become available again soon.

      Our Bomb Deals will expire when either the time frame we set is reached, or the quantity runs out, so people will have to be quick. But! We have heaps of other deals coming up, and they will constantly rotate on the front page as other bombs explode.

      We plan to write better descriptions for products shortly, but we've ran out of time since launch :( Will get better descriptions on the items soon! In the meantime, always feel free to use live chat to ask a question, or give us a call on 1300 942 639 :) (Generally business hours Adelaide time) We want to try and do our best to make people happy and provide awesome service.

      Cheers, Wade.

  • Hey is it possible to give the number of people who have currently reserved a deal so that people know what to expect. If say 50 people have stuff reserved then I wouldn't be too worried about missing the boat but for say 5 then I would try for something else.


      Hi spawnpoint,
      Valid point. Will have to look into this and how we can work it. Thanks for your feedback :) Cheers, Wade

  • I just ordered one Diablo3 several minutes ago.

    But after reading the item description, I still have no idea if this is one of AU/EU/US/Int edition or some other language edition…

    and the confirmation letter shows like this:

    Quantity Item Unit price
    1 PC Diablo 3 $47.47

    Order total $47.47
    Freight $4.95
    GST $4.77
    Grand total $52.42
    Paid $1.00

    I donno why it is only $1 paid. and I chose express delivery, but it is not listed in the order detail or confirmation letter. I hope you wont treat it as a normal post…

    and I really think its better to have a paypal payment option.


      Hey mikelin,
      We've received your order, and it's flagged as express :) Will get it out for you tomorrow :)

      Will also look into adding clarification on the regions. Diablo 3 is the US version, as that utilises the same servers that Aussies normally play on.

      Our merchant facility initially deducts $1.00 the first time any card is used. Once all items are 'in stock' and allocated, your card is charged for the remaining amount. As these products are in stock here, your card will have been charged for the whole amount now :)

      Cheers, Wade

  • oh noes just missed the D3 bomb D:

    still awesome deals there are, get them while they're hot! lol

  • Friendly service announcement: Spell check

    "To be honest, we’ve made up all these FAQs ourselves, 'because no has sent' us any questions yet, let alone any questions being regarded as frequent."

    Looks like you have a good thing going, all the best.

  • I wouldn't mind being able to see a larger image when clicking on the thumbnails of an item, otherwise, good humoured site :-) I like the socks splurb!


      Thank you for your kind words Mossy!
      I agree to on images.. It's something we're working on now. Hopefully we can have a solution soon. Cheers, Wade

  • I missed out D3. Can you make it again please !!! The site is pretty good, so far so good!


      Sorry you missed out Kendo! We will have deals happening all the time, so please check back, or add us on facebook :) Cheers, Wade

  • nextr time you post something, add postage. the GOW wallet is $5 not 97c.


      OK! Sorry :( Will make sure I add postage next time. Thanks HX925 - Wade

  • Great site, but some suggestions:

    • Clickable pictures to see a larger image. Can help on small things like wallets.

    • Remaining timeframe of each bomb. I see you already have stock levels on the page, but would be nice to know how long remaining on bombs.

    • Wii U games seems to just populate best deals?


      Thanks BlackV8!
      1 - Will investigate how we can do this. The problem goes a bit deeper as currently the images on the site are very low resolution anyway, so we'll have to look into a solution here.
      2 - We sort of want to keep it a secret on how long a bomb has remaining until it explodes. We want to create a type of excitement or urgency when people see a Bomb Deal they like. In saying that, I'll look to see if maybe we can make the wick shorter when time/qty starts to run low.
      3 - Fixed :) Although yet to list too many..
      Thanks for your suggestions! Much appreciated - Wade

  • Just ordered a few things … Nice interesting items and mostly at awesome prices.

    Just some suggestions to improve your listings.

    Some more descriptions are needed! Dimensions, lengths, etc (keep the web master's humor in the descriptions as it's gold!)
    Pictures of the item in use (so we can get a feel for the size of the items)
    Just more pictures from more angles to understand the products better
    An ETA on when the "Bombs" Expire would be nice… unless they randomly disappear when you run out of stock.

    Also the lack of paypal was saddening :(

    Maybe also, a "Ask a question about this item" button would be nice.

    But apart from that, Good work, I'm looking forward to my NES Messenger Bag and Superman Hoodie


      Hey Taloncard, thanks for your feedback!

      I want to get better descriptions in there soon! Just need to work out a way to streamline it more, as it's incredibly time consuming at the moment :(
      Also, will be looking at ways we can get higher quality images on the site as well.

      In regards to paypal, we hope to have this working within a few weeks. Sorry about any inconvenience with this not being available at the moment.

      Thanks again for the feedback! Cheers, Wade

  • D3 deal expired….I hope the site can be more generous and make the advertised deal like this one last longer like one day or 2. PPL visit the site may buy other stuffs as well, it would be win-win.


      It's expire now :( We've still got units available, but they're $67.95 now. I'll try and make the deals last longer if I can - First round of deals for us! Thank you for your comments Gifox! Wade

  • The D3 deal lasted all of an hour yesterday, but somehow there is no expired tag on this deal, or amended title?


      Sorry about this :( I've expired it now. I didn't think about amending the title to reflect that wallet / Music was still available. Will do this quicker in the future. Thanks Infinite. - Wade

  • My order came from BeatTheBomb today. Fairly well packed considering the low postage cost. Would use these guys again if the price is right. Thanks OP!

  • got mine today..thanks Wade