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20% off All Liquor (Max Discount $50) @ Coles Online (Excludes QLD, TAS, NT)


Grab 20% off your Liquor orders on Coles Online in the lead up to Valentine's Day. Max discount $50. Not available in all locations. Discount auto applied at checkout.

Some great picks to stack with offer, prices may vary by state and location:
Johnnie Walker Black 12YO $41.6 with discount
Punter's Corner Cab Sauv $12
Stella Artois 24 carton $39
Truly Lemon Seltzer $14.4

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    Thanks OP, here are some other deals i found, hopefully prices correct

    $45.60 instead of $51 at dans

    $42 instead of $48 at dans

    $33 instead of $38 at dans

    Canadian club cases (only dry and zero in stock for me) are $70 instead of $88 elsewhere

    $39 instead of $49

    $29 instead of $36

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    Seems to be a lot of stuff temporarily unavailable

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      Change your store, there's a lot of difference in the product range between stores.

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    Jameson 1 Litre @ 57.60 not a bad deal ..

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    Max discount $50

    per order…

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    Thanks Joe.

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    SAVINGS for another $10 off $140 and $20 off $200

    • Cheers!

      🍻 🤪

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      The promo code entered is invalid or expired

  • Suntory Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whisky 700ml

    Costco $189.99
    Coles $280.00

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    This wine is often discounted to half price, but with 20% on top (making it $16/bottle), it's a seriously good price for a decent red. Would never buy at $40/bottle mind you.

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      I've never seen Winton Road sell for it's RRP $40 - always "1/2 price" or sometimes a 2-for $40.

      Tastes vary… IMO, these (shiraz, cab sav) are very poor dry reds. Light body, weak acidity/tannins, little depth to taste profile. The only positive I give them is design - classy label, nice gift box - but then giving this as a gift is worse then others at this price range due to false expectations. I feel this label is probably Coles Liquor owned?

      I haven't tried the grenache, or the tempranillo, or the whites. I probably still would try them, since they might be lighter, less dry varietals. But I'd temper my expectations..

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        I agree you would be looking for a refund of you had purchased this at $40/bottle. Definitely not worth it. But at $16/bottle I think it's competitive. Taste is so subjective though.
        You are correct, this is a Coles brand I believe.

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    Excludes SA too :( All options for SA are the non-alcoholic type. Bah!

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      make sure you choose a Coles with Liquorland or Vintage Cellars next to it. I've never had an issue.

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        You're right. I chose Tea Tree Plaza as I was sure there was a liquorland there. St Agnes was a better bet. Thanks!

  • Awesome.. got a few bottles. Makers Mark 1L at $58.40.. unreal price.. thanks OP.

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    One trick to make the most of these Coles discounts - they don't have a lot of stock, and if something is out of stock they'll refund you the full price, not the discounted price. So the things you do get will be even cheaper! Throw a few craft beers and single malts into your order too - nothing that you're going to be disappointed to actually get, but buy a range of things and expect a few not to turn up. The last orders I've done through Coles have ended up being 30-40% off due to this. It's one of the only reasons I can afford to get pissed anymore!

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      +1 to this. Ordered two cases of Balter Eazy Hazy ($49 before discount). They didn't have one so refunded $49 (earning me $10) and for the one they did send, they sent full strength hazy instead (worth $30 more). Very happy customer

      Now that I know they don't have it I immediately placed another order for it again

  • Not working for me in nsw, have done this a few times before

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    I don't know why but the alcohol page is just completely broken.

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    I was going to buy some beer today from First Choice with Shopback 20% (= 18% back) but will order from Coles with a real 20% off instead. Cheers.

  • Damn. They jacked their Ardbeg, got it specialed at $104 from RRP $122 (DM is $94.95). 20% off only brings it to $83.2 (with a FB points offer), not such an attractive price now ☹️

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    They've jacked the prices, $62 for a bottle of 1L Smirnoff when it's usually $52-$54. After the 20% discount you might as well just buy it off the shelf at Dans.

    • Their prices are usually steady and I've been using these 20% off (with FB point offers) to get my regular booze.

      I wonder if this is a permanent inflation jack, and not a cynical jack during this promotion? 🤔

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