Which Comprehensive Travel Insurance for Overseas Travel?

Hi all

I am sure many people are planning to go to overseas this year. I used to buy the cheapest either TID or SouthernCross etc. But they are more expensive now.

I am considering InsureAndGo and Allianz. InsureAndGo covers pre-departure cancellation, whereas Allianz policy is not really clear.

I read and re-read the PDS, I am not sure which one to buy

Can anyone share which travel insurance did you buy or have you bought recently or consider to buy?

Btw, heading to 2 countries in Asia. Thanks in advance


  • In the last 20 years, usually TID or 1cover multi-trip annual policies for me. I have used AXA as part of the Thai Pass requirement in late 2021/early 2022. Been overseas 6 times since borders opened in November 2021. Believe that you will be fine and Covid is nothing other than a nice cold, and you'll be right, esp with any reputable insurer to look after your financial interests.

    • @TheMindsetTraveller thanks for info. I used to buy the cheapest either TID or SouthernCross etc. But they are more expensive now.

  • -1

    covid coverage is becoming less and less relevant,

    the main thing you can't insure is cover for closed borders.

    otherwise, covid is considered just like any other illness.

    • @donotuse yes agreed, no insurers cover the border closure.

  • I am inclined to Allianz (as one of the main insurers) but their cancellation policy doesn't say it covers unexpected circumstances before departure such as if one of us get really sick and we have to cancel the whole holiday, will they cover all the pre-paid costs (flight, hotels etc)?

    • only you, through your research, can answer your questions. they're all in the PDS

      • @donotuse yes I have re-read it few times. It said it covers trip cancellation but doesn’t specify the reasons. Should I assume for any common reasons?

        Whereas insureandgo listed down the reasons.

        • So which one did you end up choosing?

  • Purchased insure and go silver recently as it had covid insurance for trip cancellation.

    Will let you know how the claim process goes as one of us had a phone stolen that I have started a claim for.

    • How's the claim process?

      • Went well. Took about 3 weeks once all the paperwork was submitted. No questions asked just paid the money ($1500).

        • How do you prove what phone you had stolen? Never made a claim before

          • +1

            @ASOT: Purchase receipt and police report.

  • use the complimentary one from a credit card ?

    • @Thenarrator good idea! I check the PDS and the policies look the same.

      In what cases we will need separate travel insurance then?

  • Best is relative.

    For examples only a few companies allow policies extended.

    • Hi @Thatbargainhunter not looking for the best, but the insurance that will cover most common unexpected circumstances such as flight broke down/delay/turn backed and put the whole holiday in chaos

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