Free Little Snitch Upgrade

Thought those that bought Little Snitch from the deal posted here ( might want to know they get a free upgrade to the new version that is about to be released.

I discovered this when upgrading my mac as the old version I had installed would not run on Lion.

"Do you own a Little Snitch 2 license? You qualify for a free upgrade, if you bought a license after May 1, 2012. All other Little Snitch 2 license owners are eligible for a price-reduced upgrade."

I bought my key on the 24th April through MacUpdate according to my paypal notice .. but putting my key in to the upgrade page and they gave me a new version 3 key anyway!

While the Version 3 is not finished yet it might be worth getting a key now as they might fix the loophole that enabled me to get the new key.