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[Backorder] Nissin Demae Iccho Kyushu Tonkotsu Flavour Instant Noodle 5 Pk $4.95 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon

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Bought 4 packs to use the code from this deal, it didn't work last time because I didn't change home delivery to pickup.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • 5 packets of 5?

    • +1

      4 packs of 5.

      • -3

        Do you mean 1 packet for $5 ot 5packets for $5?
        There are 5 bags in each packet

        • +5

          this is why we should have printed instruction on toilet papers

          • @ntt: Please explain, 1 packet includes 5 noodles, that should be obvious

            • @michael9865: 1 pack includes 5 packets of noodles

              These are nice btw - still only worth $1 per packet

              2 to 4 weeks for dispatch isn't worth it - go Big W as suggested below.

        • +1

          I am learning English, and I'm sorry for causing any confusion.

  • +2

    What long name.

    • +3

      Short sentence.

  • $5 should be its normal price. I mean, should.

    • I am pretty sure I saw TongLi have it at this price last 2 weekends

  • +3

    i love these but the sodium content is yuge (2110 mg/100g) compared to say an indomie mi goreng (371 mg/100g) or maggi noodle

    • +3

      the secret ingredient to make it tasty!

      • +2

        aint no secret

    • +8

      it's all in the broth. so if you don't consume all of the broth then you won't be consuming all of that 2g.

      • +2

        Fun fact it only counts the sodium component. So if it’s 2g of sodium, since NaCl is roughly 40:60 in terms of weight, you’re actually consuming 5g of salt.

        Technically accurate what they’re saying but it’s one way to trick you into thinking you’re not having that much salt.

        • tbh, i'm not worried about the salt in noodles soup, unlike potato chips. like someone could easily down a can of pringles and finish up with a bottle of coke, with salt content far higher than what's in this packet.

        • +1

          2g of sodium, since NaCl is roughly 40:60 in terms of weight, you’re actually consuming 5g of salt.

          I did not know this. Is this why salt is never included within the nutrition information?

          • @Loopholio: Yes, sodium is the thing people usually want to track, with about 2000mg being the commonly held daily max consumption recommendation. Hence one of these noodle packets exceeds the daily limit in one hit.

            • @GenghisGun: Ideally 1500mg /day max but hey, not every day is the same :P.

              Agree though, no need to confine all the broth note healthy & should be an occasional food. Shame instant noodles are quite addictive. The more sodium you consume, the more you crave. Just have to retain your taste buds but miso paste is much healthier.

              Sometimes just make own broth with natural flavours.

          • @Loopholio: Mostly yes, but there are other compounds which are sodium salts which aren’t NaCl, like baking soda. I do not know if these are calculated as sodium in the nutritional information.

    • +2

      if there's no MSG there's no flavour.

      • Someone has been watching too much Uncle Roger 🤣

  • Anyone else who didn't read the full name and jumped to comments?

    • no, I jumped into conclusion.

  • +2

    Does it really taste like Demae Iccho Kyushu Tonkotsu though?

    • +1

      Demae Iccho refers to the old school delivery/takeaway ramen stores in the Kyushu region. Tonkotsu is the 'flavour'.

      • +3

        That's what I meant, does it taste like old school takeaway Tonkotsu from the Kyushu region.

  • +4

    I usually get them at Big W (5c cheaper) :

    • +4

      Wow never knew Big W sold instant noodles.

    • What gets me about woolies and big w is that they stopped selling the chicken flavour. My bet is they cut a deal with that other generic noodle brand that said they wont put them on the shelve. So now I buy at the local asian grocery stores.

      • The tonkotsu (pork) flavor is the only thing that makes these ones unique/good.. chicken and beef very generic.

        • Really? Which other brand has the same noodle as these? Nissin noodles are always different to others. Not to say which is better but these seem unlike others.

  • Cheers OP, bought a few, shows $4.95 for me

  • Is the green packet pork flavoured as well?

  • I pay $8 for 2 packs of 5 for Black Garlic oil from my local Asian grocer. Always on sale at this price.

    I'm sure I've seen the black/green/red packs at all the same price.

    • That's what I expected here. Same at my nearby Asian grocery store.

  • Its not made in hong Kobg

    • +1

      Certainly not,they are made in Hong Kong, it says on the package.

      • +1

        Outdated photos, the description even says Singapore origin.

        But I bet it is neither made in HK or SG. Most likely PRC.

        • +4

          They are made in Hong Kong.

          • @jimojr: Interesting, will pay more attention on country of origin in the future.

      • But in the product information it says origin from singapore

        • It's likely the distributor.

  • normal price or what? the sesame one usually about this price. nice lil noodle tho

  • How's this flavour?

    • They are nice. This one is my kid's favorite. I prefer seafood flavour because there aren't a lot of miscellaneous things in it.

    • I like the red better. Something about powdered pork don't seem right

      • Powdered pork? There doesn't seem to be any pork in the ingredients.

        • This is a pork flavoured noodles. If you think they lie then I guess maybe they do?

  • the coupon didn't work even if I change to pickup

  • OOS

    • +1

      Big W

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