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50% off Hardys Tintara McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz 750ml, $15 Each + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Liquorland


Good price for this Cabsav. Scan your Flybuys for some added discount.

Same deal for the Tintara Shiraz. https://www.liquorland.com.au/red-wine/tintara-mclaren-vale-….

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    NGL this is a $10-12 wine every day of the week.

    It doesn't rank terribly well.

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      Where? Even on Cellar One it's $19

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        Oh, you mean it's only worth $10-$12?

        Fair, I like it but it seems quite divisive.

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    • where is it that price?

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        Sorry It drinks like a $10-$12 wine

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          You make it sound like there is some simple one-dimensional linear scale for wine quality,
          and even more strangely that price correlates strongly to quality :-)

          It has been shown many times that when ordinary people evaluate wine, they are influenced far more by the price-tag than any particular element of the taste or aroma.

          So a $30 wine tastes better than $12 bottle, even if they were filled from the same vat. Don't spoil it :-)

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            @bargaino: Vivino is a pretty good judge of quality
            And this wine drinks and scores like a $10-$12 wine
            Yes its subjective
            But im yet to drink a wine that vivino has rated 3.6 that is worth more than $10

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      Gotta agree, I've never bought a bottle of this but had it at plenty of parties/events, I wouldn't have picked it as more than $15 either.

  • Maybe if LL have a 20% off offer through CR later this week.

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    This is actually great value. Also 20% if you spend more than $70 at LL at the moment..

    Personally I like these as a daily drinker.. very good value for money..

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