Running Shoes

Hi all, i'm looking for relatively cheap running shoes/sports shoes which offer good support.
I'm looking at the Saucony Men's Progrid Kinvara 2 atm @

Any suggestions? Thanks


  • try they have a huge range on sale atm! just remember to leave it on GBP currency and it will also take off VAT, final price will show up when you select shipping to AUS.

  • I've used Wiggle and they are very good. Looks like Saucony wont let US shops ship to Oz. You would have to use a mail forwarder like HopShopGo to buy from the US. I recently bought Lunar eclipse 2's from Wiggle. I originally wanted Brooks Cadence but Brooks wont let their retailers in the US ship to Australia and I wasnt going to pay 3 times the cost to buy locally so I went for the Nikes instead.

  • HOw do ASICS and New balance (as well as other brands) stack up against the above mentioned brands? Have no idea what running shoes to get either.

  • I'm no expert but running is one of those things where it probably makes sense to get the best shoe for your foot rather than getting the best deal or best brand etc. Asics have an awesome reputation, I have had their shoes in the past and they have always been excellent. New Balance also get a great rep.

    If you know what size you are there are loads of great sites on the net that describe pronation/overpronation. If you know how your foot rolls when you run (in, out or neutral) some of the sites will recommend if you need neutral shoes, motion control shoes etc. If you know your size and the type of shoes you need then read some reviews online and look for a good deal.

    Obviously there are shops that will help you make this choice but since you are on here I am assuming you already know that convenience is the most expensive commodity you can buy!!

    Here is guide to feet types, running styles and how shoes help you run: