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FREE CocaCola Coke London Olympics Yo-Yo from Woolworths (Australia Wide, RRP ~$6)


Just scored a couple of FREE Coke 'London Olympics' Yo-Yos from my local Woolworths (Darra, QLD). Saw someone else getting one while at the checkouts so asked for one myself and then asked for a second and got that no probs too. I couldn't find anything about this here or on the Woolworths website… so here's the official leak ;) Didn't need to buy a slab of Coke or even a single Coke product to get one either, just asked & received.

They're just cheapies but come shrink-wrapped together with a spare string and a small 'how to' guide for a couple of tricks. This takes me back to the 80s when Coke Yo-Yo 'artists' toured around the primary schools of Australia displaying their skills. I wonder what they're doing now? ;)

Apparently it's all in the wrist… enjoy!

UPDATE: Just did a quick eBay search and found these are being sold locally for around the $6 mark! I personally wouldn't pay more than about 50c for one… but there you go :)

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      Nice, thanks for the confirmation! I'll change the title now.

  • Great find! I didn't see it at my local woolies though

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    Apparently it's all in the wrist

    And that's what she said

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    Hopefully yo-yo will become an event at the 2016 Olympics. With all the woolies customers starting to practice now, it might just be one event where we actually have a shot at the gold :-)

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    I saw these today at Big W, they were located next to the cartons of Coke. If you buy a carton you get a free Yo-Yo, well that is what the sign said.

    • Didn't seem like the rule at Woolies for me anyway… I just asked and received without having to buy any Coke products (the way it should be).

      • Pretty much just ask kindly and you'll get them. Also depends if staff are feeling friendly :P

  • I thought Yo-yo's had all died together. I think the last time I saw one being used was a decade ago and the last time I played with one was when game consoles had only just become popular.

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      Seriously? You know the yo-yo always comes back.

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        im rolling on the floor laughing

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    still have my original 1978 vintage (± a year) Coca Cola yoyo. Fond memories of the dudes touring primary schools demonstrating tricks.

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    Where I work, if anyone asks, we just give them away. Even if they aren't buying any Coke product.

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      Yeah same, though I only do it when managers aren't around. Likewise with those stickers, given away several rolls and took an entire roll for my cousins school.

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    The greatest trick the yo-yo ever pulled was convincing the world it had gone for good.

    • That's when they bounce back.

  • coca cola yo-yos are the bomb

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    Non-genuine Russel Yoyo :)

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    They used to be one of the best yo yo's when i was in primary school 10 years ago :D

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    Saw these a few days ago, picked one up to look at and the security guard was standing next to me. He said "Go ahead take one" I was a bit scared he was trying to boost his daily shoplifter quota so politely put it back down and said "Thanks, no need for yo yos" I felt ashamed as an oz bargainer for turning down something free, and not taking the risk of being able to out run the security guy.

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      ozbargain badge revoked

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        "ozbargain badge"

        Is it free?

        • nope, need to score 100 bargains to get one but 1 missed bargain = revoked :)

    • that sir, is entrapment. i say take him on next time and go for gold!

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    All in the wrist? Great, I've been training since I was 14.

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      Then with a name like that you really should see a urologist.

  • That through the tunnel trick in the pic makes no sense whatsoever…

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    It's the new shake weight.

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    I got one of these from foodland a few weeks ago when i bought some coke, they had big signs up everywhere that said buy any coke product and ask for a free yoyo.

    Its in the bin already, bloody thing was awful to use

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      If not worthy of the Op shop, recycle bin we hope rather than landfill ;-)

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      You could of sold it on Ebay for $6 :)

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      Agreed, mine was close to useless when unwrapped but is so much better now that it's worn in. Had to do about 30-40 quick flicks and manual rewinds but the string has tightened up and it's now a lot more controllable.

      Fun and great for free but still nowhere near as nice as the 80s version :(

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    I loved the good old coke yoyo days in primary school!
    There were different yoyo models, like, "spin", "super spin" and others etc - the more expensive ones were weighted better.
    Wish they'd bring back the range back - good retro memories.

  • lol I work at that store, we had to get rid of all the yoyo because I think the promotion is over that's why you got yoyo for free

  • My local Woolies insists on one yo-yo per 24-can stab ($25 each) or two yo-yos for 2 stabs for $32. What a rip off!

  • Woot christmas presents for the kids sorted!

  • They still have them at Mernda for free…

  • I managed to pick up a few from my Work where they were giving them out to the patrons during a dinner event. Not really that good! :/
    No I don't work for Woolworths.

  • Anyone remember the Brain yoyo? I had one 10-15 years ago but someone stole it :|

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    Woolies Toowong gave me one without any purchase but Chermside Central said I had to buy a carton of coke. When I told them Toowong gave me one without any purchase they happily gave me one.

  • Tried a few Woolies around Gold Coast- had to purchase a box of coke. Oasis just had them there in a box but the promo poster referred to the deal. So no free Yoyo :(

  • Got a couple today, they were way too unresponsive (apparently that's the way they supposed to be these days)so i had to loop the string around a couple more times now it works great.

    Quality is nowhere near the ones from the 80's, 90's but that is to be expected.