Recommend a Cordless Dental Water Flosser

Hi all, I would love to have recommendations for a good cordless dental flosser which is not too expensive (under $100). It's for a gift in two weeks' time so can't wait for sales. Many thanks in advance for recommendations.


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    Boxes of Syringes?

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    Coles had one but the usual online stores are full of them.

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    May I ask why it needs to be cordless? The water tank is too small for a thorough clean, and by virtue of being battery operated, aren’t very powerful either.

    Please reconsider the corded option if it’s at all practical - you’ll get an all round much better product for the same money.

    Source: I’ve just finished a 2 year course of adult braces :p

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    The oral b one is ok and almost within budget - I prefer to use Piksters super grips still though

  • Thanks, everyone, for taking the time to reply. Not being a very practical body, I must admit that I hadn't considered the lesser power factor and small tank in a cordless model. I was thinking mainly of the ease of use and portability, I guess. I will consider that now and look at your recommendations - Oral B and Piksters. Have a lovely day :)

  • BTW Has anyone used AquaFlow™ Water Flosser?

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