Best Budget Smartphone (Under $300) in 2023

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What is the best budget smartphone under $300 in 2023?

Once again we'll discuss options and recommendations for smartphones in the budget category. We asked the question last year and the winner was the Poco M4 Pro 5G with 71 votes. 2nd place was the Motorola Edge 20 Fusion and 3rd being the Vivo X50 Lite.

I suspect we'll see Xiaomi / Pocophones take the top spot again this year.

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  • +1
    Suggested Motorola Moto G62 5G

    The Moto G62 5G is probably the cheapest phone you can buy that supports 5G (which many of you may not care about). It comes equipped with a Snapdragon 480, NFC for contactless payments, a paltry 4GB of RAM and 128GB storage with dual physical SIM slots, 3.5mm audio jack and 120hz IPS 1080p-class display.

    It's currently on sale for $249 at Officeworks and has also been at this price at JB HI-FI.

    Runs Android 12 out of the box but gets a final update to Android 13 over the air. It has a total of 3 years of security updates (phone was released 2022, June 28.)

  • +1

    I'm personally now a fan of buying older Flagships and using them until they are no longer tolerable.

    Currently using Note 10+ that i had purchased mid last year, ~$410 ish, and still is a great performing phone how ever downside is there are no more expected software updates coming.

    I use to be after the latest and greatest, but phones over the last few years keep up in my opinion and at half the cost of the latest releases.

    Currently eyeing up S21 Ultra

    • was it new or refurb

      • +1


    • Completely agree, bought the S22 Ultra last year thinking that the latest and greatest would mean no software bugs but that really hasnt been the case

      • latest and greatest would mean no software bugs

        Latest and greatest does mean active software patches

        Except for iOS, phones don’t get software updates after 2 years from launch. Some may provide security updates for 3 years. This is the risk with older release phone

    • @Godric : Would you mind sharing the site/shop details you got the phone from?

    • Actually about to join the same thing. I have an iPhone 13 pm and a flip and I just want to get a phone with dual physical sim or memory card capability which is basically older phones before the phone makers realised they could charge an arm and a leg for some basic storage (512gb is damn near $50 retail).

      Not sure which to get. Don’t mind paying anything sub $1k.

    • Huh, a Note 10 has just popped up as a deal from Aliexpress.
      Been wondering if i might as well grab that, put a custom ROM on and rely on that for security updates.
      I don't need latest and greatest, just something that's responsive and charges fast.

  • i ordered/imported a Moto G Stylus 2022 for 435$ with a 256gb sd card all up it holds a bout 500gb. the amount of ram is double that of the moto g 62 5g. 8gb instead of choppy/slow 4gb. previously got a moto g 22 with a measly 4g ram which i now realize is terrible and will never settle for any 4gb ram or under phone. p.s. i would never vote for a Chinese ccp spyware phone and wouldn't recommend anyone sharing their credentials on one. p.p.s. i recommend people to import their desired phone after researching specs on gsm arena website.

    • Does a refurb mean a new battery?

    • Is there a website for importing phone?

    • Yeah those Chinese spy are way worse than the yanky ones.…

      "Smartphones with Qualcomm chips were found to send private user information, including IP address, unique ID, mobile country code, back to the U.S. chipmaker, according to a report by the German security company Nitrokey first released on April 25.

      Such personal information was sent "without user consent, unencrypted, and even when using a Google-free Android distribution," said the report."

      Qualcomm denies most of it of course.

      • That's hardly "private user information", and it doesn't require an expert to find this out because it's written right there in the company's privacy policy.

        Meanwhile, Chinese companies are required by Chinese law to hand over any personal data to the CCP and are not allowed to disclose that they've done so.

        • +1

          I think some of our laws may shock you.

  • Suggested Vivo Y55 5g

    On sale at Coles $124

  • Got my Nokia G60 for $310 after cashbacks (at good guys and office works for $334)

    Not under $300 though, but very happy with purchase for the price.

    • How's Nokia faring back in the smartphone game after being 'relatively' away for quite long?

      • +1

        Honestly don't notice the difference much from the Pixel 6 Pro (which died from fall damage). Except the camera (stabilisation?) isn't as consistently good.

  • +1

    I feel like 4gb Ram is not satisfying anymore today.

  • I got Moto edge 20 Fusion pro for 1/2 price 230 in Nov 2022 - runs well ….
    Last month my cousin got next version of it Moto Edge 30 for 350 - runs well too

  • $300 isn’t enough these days to get a phone for daily use. At around $500 however you can get quite a few capable and respectable phones.

    The amount of RAM is simply too low for today and the performance is around 20-30% of the higher end, not to mention no 4K video even at 24 FPS much less 30 or 60.

    • +1

      You pretty much have to rely on sales like the edge 30 neo for $299.

  • +2
    Suggested Motorola Edge 30 Neo

    On sale many times recently and few times even below $300. I believe with the new wave of phones coming from Moto, the prices will further go down and it will be consistently below $300.

  • +1

    The G53 is pretty similar to the G62 but also supports esim.

    $277 on sale @Amazon currently.…

    • link only shows specs, not price?
      am I missing something

  • Suggested Motorola Moto G54

    Bought this phone for 239$ at Lenovo Edu store. Quite impressive spec for such price

  • I also liking moto range maybe to start up voice over hello moto

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