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Hi All,

I need some advice.

I have been renting my house for 4 years and got a call a few days ago that the taps had a small drip last week and advised the agent to send someone out asap to sort it out. Just got a call today from agency that the pipe under the bathroom sink cracked whilst they were out and water leaked out of the bathroom onto the carpet and you can see the water damage on the plaster wall on the first level.

I have insurance and was wondering would I be covered for the damage the leak cause to the carpet and plaster did as the information I’ve been told I’m passing along to the insurance company.

Has anyone had isimilar situation.

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    I have always taken care of them and fixed any issue that has reported. I find it extremely hard to believe what has occurred that the plastic pvc pipe can crack under the sink.

    What do you think happened?

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      Not sure why the negs, also curious what OP thinks actually happened here.

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        Yep also curious. And I gotta say, I tried really hard but still don’t 100% understand the situation…

      • I think that comment was edited a few times. iirc it was about 20 times longer at one point.

        • Oh, intrigue

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    Does OZB offer landlord insurance now, why are you asking us?

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    This is exactly why you have insurance. It should not matter to you who caused the damage. Let the insurer and agent work it out.

    I have insurance and was wondering would I be covered

    Then read YOUR insurance contract.

    I find it extremely hard to believe what has occurred that the plastic pvc pipe can crack under the sink.

    Contrary to your belief, water pipe burst is very common. It always starts with a crack.

    The agent went to the house and advised me there holes in the wall which have been patched, curtains damaged.

    How is this related to the broken water pipe under the sink?
    Stop trying to find faults in your tenants. What will that do? Are you personally going to find proof and chase them for reimbursement?
    If you chose a proper insurer, you should not be worried. Let them handle it.

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    pipe under the bathroom sink cracked

    plastic pvc pipe can crack under the sink

    Since when can a cracked drain from a basin flood a house?

    • the taps had a small drip

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        it would have to be quite a drip to do the damage described.

        • Yeah, one hell of a drip to crack that pipe. 😂

          • @brokenglish: haha. I'm guessing mis-communication with the agent is the explanation.

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    …. I’m pretty sure a pipe burst. My sister in law is currently renting and has kids and yeah, patches on walls occur. She patches them straight away and makes sure that the wall is completely fixed by the time of her next inspection. Your tenants may not be the perfect tenants, but given the opportunity to fix any damage, they may do so. As long as they pay rent on time and fix any superficial damage when they leave, that’s all that can be asked.

  • Your real estate agent should advise if the cost to repair any damage can be taken out of their bond. Otherwise it should be covered under your landlord insurance (assuming cost to repair is less than the excess). You may need to reread your insurance policy / call the insurance company to confirm if covered.

    Actually, surface water on bathroom tiles should not leak to outside carpet if properly built. It should be sloped to run to bathroom drain. If water has run below the tiles to the outside carpet / floor below (as bathroom waterproofing has failed), then this may be a body corporate issue (and to be repaired and funded by them).

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