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2x 500g Aussie Grown Honey Roasted Macadamia Nuts $47.50 Delivered (Was $64.60) @ MacNutHut

Mothers Day Sale!

Purchase two 500g packs of our premium Honey Roasted Macadamia Nuts and get them delivered for just $47.50 (Saving $17.10!)

Plus, if you buy more the savings increase further with our multi-buy discounts.

Perfect to share with friends and family! All flavours are discounted, but stock is limited. When a flavour sells out it won't be restocked again before the end of the sale.

Multi-Buy Discounts

Get further discounts by ordering more:

Buy any 2 flavours get 5% OFF (1kg = $47.50/kg)
Buy any 3 flavours get 10% OFF (1.5kg = $45/kg)
Buy any 4 flavours get 15% OFF (2kg = $42.50/kg)
Buy any 5+ flavours get 20% OFF (2.5kg or more = $40/kg)

These discounts are auto-applied to your cart and require no coupon code.


We offer free postage on all orders of $50 or more before any discounts.

About Us

Macadamia Nut Hut is a small family run business located on 78 acres of picturesque countryside in the hinterlands of northern New South Wales. We offer delicious premium quality flavoured Macadamia nuts Australia wide through our online shop.

Our Aussie grown flavoured Macadamias are far tastier than anything purchased in supermarkets and contain upwards of 90% Australian ingredients in most instances.

You are effectively buying direct from our farm-gate - Happy shopping and thank you for your continued support OzB users!

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2023.

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  • +1

    That is NUTS! I like yours. Had them before, will buy again!

    • Thank you! Great to hear you loved them. 😍

  • Commenting for when i go overseas. Will buy some to take with me.

    • Feel free to take advantage of the deal as they are delivered in foil sealed packaging and when stored at normal room temperature they have a shelf life of over 12 months.

      • You twisted my arm. Bought.

  • Just received 1Kg yesterday, bugger. Anyway, will order more to take advantage of the deal, great macadamias.

    • We appreciate your ongoing support! 🙏

  • +1

    Grab this one,
    However if you still craving for macadamias after the sale,
    there is Aldi's brands for $15 per 400 gr (Roast/Natural) as back up :p

  • Is the Premium Raw Macadamia Nuts in foil sealed packaging as well?

    Also, is Dry Roasted Macadamia Nuts have a longer shelf life? What's the shelf life btw the two?

    • They are all packaged the same way. Please read the storage instructions on our website as it is the determining factor as to their shelf life.

  • The ingredients you claim on your website are very different to what is declared on pack. This clearly deceptive and misleading advertising.

    Your Website Claim: "Ingredients: Macadamia kernel, Honey, Rice flour, Yellow maize flour, SUGAR, Salt."

    But the ingredients on the pack are: “Ingredients: Macadamia kernel, SUGAR, Honey, Rice flour, Yellow Maize Corn Flour, Salt.

    I purchased a bag of this product when you last had this sale and was very annoyed find sugar to be the second largest component compared to claim that it’s the fifth ingredient on your website.

    • +1

      What did you buy?

      Dry Roasted Macadamia Nuts
      Sugars 4.6g

      Honey Roasted Macadamia Nuts
      Sugars 23.9g

      Thats nearly 20 grams of sugar more.

      Don't think the site was listing the ingredients from lowest to highest though?

      • +3

        That's what ingredient lists are supposed to be though. Ordered from highest to lowest in terms of quantity.
        This is from foodstandards.gov.au: "Ingredients must be listed in descending order (by ingoing weight)."

        Although this is for labelling, which I imagine means the actual label on the packaging. Although I would say given that what @dc75 said is true (I can't be bothered checking), it would at best be considered misleading, whether it is intentional or not.

        • +1

          That's what ingredient lists are supposed to be though. Ordered from highest to lowest in terms of quantity.

          Legit did not know that. Today i learnt….

      • The website has now been updated to reflect the same order as the packaging. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    • +5

      Hey guys, this was simply an oversight with no intention to mislead people at all.

      Thank you for bringing it to our attention, our web developer has already been given the feedback to action so that the ingredients are listed in the correct order. This should be rectified shortly.

      There is always the nutritional information table to refer to on every product page as well, which mirrors the packaging exactly.

  • Just received my order yesterday. Box was well packed.

    Foil sealed packs. Comparing it to another place i bought from with their colourful packaging. I guess i prefer the no frills packaging because i got 100g more nuts and for significantly less than what i paid for at the other place.

    • Glad to hear it, thanks for giving us a go!

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