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Save $50 When You Spend $150 at – Limited Time Only!


Receive $50 off when you spend $150 or more in any single transaction.

Limited time only! This offer expires on Saturday 25 August, 2012 at 11.59 PM.

This offer is available on labels including Calvin Klein, Ben Sherman, Edwin, Gant, MJ Bale, Herringbone, Industrie and more.

To redeem this offer, enter the following code into your shopping bag: SAVETMS
Limit one per customer.

Offer ends 11.59PM Saturday August 25, 2012

FREE fast shipping and free returns – why buy internationally and wait 2-3 weeks?

Want your order even faster? Overnight deliveries available for $9.95; Sydney 4 hour local delivery (in selected areas) available for $14.95.

*Offer available for a limited time only!

Enter code SAVETMS after signing up to receive discount to your cart. Ensure you are logged in when entering the code.

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  • +1

    Four Van Heusen shirts for $100.00 doesn't sound too shabby.

    • Hi QW3RTY,

      You are right! Bargain!


    • it's 3 for $100 at david jones CBD right now so yeah.. not bad indeed

      • +3

        We aim to please, gorzilla.

        • +9

          Just curious. What size does gorzilla wear? :P

        • +1

          Size R (regular) ;)

      • At least you get to try them on at DJ though. I ordered two shipments of shirts from The Mens Shop and had to take them back due to sizing and the quality of the shirt being different than I expected. Both refunds were processed in a quick time period.

    • +1

      The last deal you could get 4 for $80

  • TMS - you know the rules, name in title thanks :).

    • +1

      We have adjusted this for you all!

      Thanks for the reminder.


  • the code ASKMEN2 isnt working. Did u mean SAVETMS in the body of the OP

    great offer btw, you can never have enough socks !!

    • +2

      SAVETMS is the correct code.

      Thanks Easternculture. Hope you enjoy the socks!

      • the socks are great. Respect for honoring the deal =)

  • +1

    Looks like a good deal. However, I'm still waiting for a response from someone @ TMS about my weekend order with the $30 discount that stuffed up before I consider using them again.

    • +1

      Hi Maz78,

      Email us at [email protected] so that we can review your enquiry. So sorry that we haven't responded!


      • I have sent multiple emails to your customer service regarding the same issue and I have not received a single reply. I refuse to shop here until this is sorted out.

        • +1


          Can you please re-send your email regarding your enquiry? I will respond ASAP.

        • Holysmoke, I have received nothing at the [email protected] email address from you today. Have you sent anything through?

          Look forward to hearing from you.

        • I've sent through emails on the 10/08 as well as the 11/08. You won't see holysmoke in my email address! Please PM me for my details. Thanks

      • Cheers will do.

  • +3

    I really dont need any more work shirts but as each TMS deal comes and goes, I get closer and closer to an impulse buy. DAMN these deals are good.

    • +1

      Hey, we love a bargain as much as the next person.

      Happy shopping!

  • :( Put 4 Van Heusen shirts in my cart, total $150. Tried to apply this code (SAVETMS) and it says it is invalid.
    I'm signed in, logged in, never ordered from TMS before.
    Anyone else having the same problem? (TMS, if you're reading this, my username is the same on your website)

    • +3

      Hi Zephram,

      We are currently experiencing a technical error around this code. We have our dev team fixing this as we speak. This should be fixed in the next 5 or so minutes.

      We apologise for this!!!

    • +2

      This has been fixed! Apologies for the delay!

      • +2

        Fixed, and ordered. Great deal, nice shirts (Studio Cotton Euro Fit White Self Stripe - Highly recommended)

        • +1

          Glad we could help.


  • +2

    Positive vote for anything TheMensShop!!

  • discount code works!..
    Just wondering if it could be used in conjunction with the other offer of $20 off your first order…as this is my first order… i can only enter one coupon…..

    • +2

      Hi GeekDroid,

      You are only able to use one coupon code per transaction. Best to save your first order discount coupon for the next time you make a purchase.


  • Just ordered. Last time it was fast delivery. TMS, I am in Perth when should I expect delivery. I didn't pay for delivery but I forgot I am going away early Tues for a week. You reckon I will get it by COB Monday?

    • +1

      Hi Sean,

      We have changed carriers to be Australia Post, who take approximately 4 working days to deliver to Perth. If you would like, I would suggest that you cancel your order and re-order, taking care to select Express Delivery at an extra charge of $9.95.

      If you would like any further assistance, please email us at [email protected].


  • Awesome deals, just send it to a mate. Thanks.

    • Cheers Frewer.

  • +25

    Can you recommend a pair of trousers that will fit my overly large package, I tend to have issues with fitting into regular sized trousers. Sometimes I wish it was smaller but it is a gift, so I'm not complaining or gloating but I need a solution to this problem.

    I have a samsung galaxy note

  • TMS, any idea when Hasso bags will be coming back in stock? Hopefully before this deal finishes, but that seems unlikely :(

    • +1

      Hi Domingo,

      We are set to be receiving a replenishment order of Hasso bags early to mid next week!


  • .

  • The coupon stopped working again :-/ I just sent customer service and email because i finalised the order already. Can you guys please apply it on your end before charging me?

    • Did you log into your account before using it? The code can't be used without being logged into your account.

      edit: I did the same thing if this is why your code won't work.

      • You are correct, Modokun. You must be logged in before you can make use of a discount coupon.


    • Hi Mark,

      I just sent you an email responding to your request.


  • TMS…… the new OzB poster child for how to do it right - bargains, rep feedback, fixes, requests.


    • +1

      TZK - cheers for the feedback. We pride ourselves on our customer service!

  • is there any shirt that is wrinkle free?

  • +4

    TMS, We Ozbargainers love you ! Keep such deals coming :)

    • +1


      The feeling is mutual.

  • TMS for president!!!

    • +1

      An interesting thought……

      You might be onto something there, Alexander.ccg

  • Bummer.. the good french cuff shirts under the van heusen deal in 39/86 or medium are sold out.

    Any chance you will be re-stocking these:

    • Hi Wonga,

      We won't be stocking these exact same shirts, but we will be getting the new season french cuff shirts in soon.


  • Is there any difference between the 38/86 and 39/86 other than the collar size? 38 is a little snug but I'm hesitant to jump to a 39 just in case the rest of the shirt gets bigger.

    • Hi Alexander.ccg,

      Yes, there is extra room in body,in the size 39. But remember, we have a no questions asked, return policy if you need to exchange sizes.


  • How long is the arm length for ben sherman ones? Collar size = 37cm
    also, can you mix and match ben sherman + pierre cardin for the price of 3 for $180???

    • Hi Minijumbuk,

      The Ben Sherman shirts come in a 37 collar / 86 sleeve.

      Unfortunately we don't do mix & match with the 3 for $180 deal.

  • +1

    TMS, any idea if/when the "the acadamy brand - navy toggle boatman jacket" will be back in stock, or any other sold out "the acadamy brand" stock in general?


    • Hi Phancy,

      We do have a shipment of The Acadamy Brand due to arrive this week, but I'm not 100% sure what stock it is. If you're interested in the Navy Toggle Boatman Jacket, send the girls an email to see when/if it will be back in stock and they'll be able to send you an email when they arrive.

      [email protected]


  • +1

    Good deal. I can also vouch for their generous return policy. I ordered some shirts but had problems with my sizing. Couriers are picking up my shirts tomorrow to be sent back free of charge. Thanks TMS!

  • More Classic Fit VH shirts please! Only 2 styles/colours left in Classic :(

    • Hey Maltopia,

      They do sell out fast, but we will be getting a replenishment soon!


  • TMS, it seems like my search results are getting reset when I change the amount of items per page.

    E.g. on if I click 24 items per page then it takes me to
    and I see underwear etc. Looks like
    is what it should be going to.

    Also might want to get your dev team to have a play around with being on a certain page of a category and changing how many items appear per grid and/or clicking on the different categories - I had something screwy happen with ending up on page 3/6, but I can't reproduce it right now.

    Nice deal though!

  • +1

    I'm very late in picking up this deal but happy to find out everything I ordered was in stock still :)

    • +1

      Glad to hear it, Uradox!

  • I was interested in The Academy Brand Tan weekend blazer.

    however i found it onsale here:

    I have bought from you guys before and been happy with the service. I was wondering if you are able to beat their price?

  • +1

    So lately my girlfriend has told me I should buy more casual clothes, because I have "enough" work clothes, so I held off TMS for a while.

    Luckily she's out of the country right now so thanks for my new shirts.

    • Happy shopping, AlanHB!

  • Anymore Herringbone or Abelard shirts in size 38/39 available?
    All the ones on sale seem to be out of stock - thanks op!

  • Oh no! I missed out by a few hours :(

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